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Megaliths are large stones that have been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones. The word megalithic describes structures made of such large stones without the use of mortar or concrete, representing periods of prehistory characterized by such constructions. For later periods, the word monolith, with an overlapping meaning, is more likely to be used.

The word megalith comes from the Ancient Greek megas, meaning great and lithos meaning stone. While megaliths have been found in all regions of the globe, the term was first used in reference to Stonehenge by Algernon Herbert in 1849. Not much is known about these mysterious creations with their origins, purpose and method of construction generally unknown. In fact with some megaliths such as at Baalbek, there is not even modern equipment available to move these stones.

Available Books


Image Name
Ruins of Echinos in Thessaly
Tercer Viage - Lamina 1
Ruins at the Peiraieus
Front Cover
Back Cover
Albano from the Road to the Lake
Remains of a Temple near Terracina
Walls of Tiryns
Acropolis of Mycenae
Primer Viage - Lamina 13
Walls at Cora [I]
Segundo Viage - Lamina 24
Small Cyclopian Gate of the Citadel of Alatri
Tercer Viage - Lamina 26
Tercer Viage - Lamina 19
Tercer Viage - Lamina 12
Primer Viage - Lamina 2
Idol and Altar at Copan
Ruins at Plataia
Tercer Viage - Lamina 49
Portion of a Building, Las Monjas, Uxmal
Segundo Viage - Lamina 39
Tercer Viage - Lamina 2
Ruins Plate A
Exterior View of the Great Gate of Messene
Ancient Walls and Modern Gate at Terracina
Segundo Viage - Lamina 27
Gate in the Acropolis of Pharsalia
Gateway of the Great Teocallis, Uxmal
Ruins of Iolchos in Thessaly
A view of Rome from Monte Mario
Primer Viage - Lamina 9
A Cyclopian Gate at Segni
Acropolis of Amphissa
Ruins of an Ancient City now called Aias near the Gulf of Pagasai in Thessaly
Interior of Porta Saracenica
Walls at Alatrium
Castle of Phyle in Attica
Exterior of the Great Cyclopian Gate at Norba
General View of Tiryns And the Plain of Argos [I]
Ruins at Delphi in Phocis
Segundo Viage - Lamina 14
Segundo Viage - Lamina 4
Lake of Albano (2nd View)
Back Cover
Ruins of Plataia in Boeotia
Segundo Viage - Lamina 46
General View of Palenque
Remains of the Same Temple at Setium
Town of Salona and Ruins of amphissa the Ancient Capital of Ozolaia Locris
Gate of the Lions
Segundo Viage - Lamina 33
Gateway at Labnah
Segundo Viage - Lamina 54
Primer Viage - Lamina 1
Ornament Over the Principal Doorway, Casa Del Gobernador, Uxmal
Walls at Praeneste [II]
Gate of the Acropolis of Orchomenos
View at Delphi
A Cavern at Mount Circaei
Walls at Cora [II]
Tercer Viage - Lamina 8
Plain of Trachyma and Ruins of an Ancient City On Mt Oeta
Gate at Arpino
Small Theatre in the Same Ancient City
Subterraneous Gate at Alatrium
Treasury of Mynias at Orchomenos in Boetia
Polygon Walls and Roman Gate at Ferentinum
Plain of Argos [I]
Ruins of Lilaia in Phocis
General View of Tiryns And the Plain of Argos [II]
Castle at Tuloom
The Same Sepulchre with the Plain and Gulf of Krissa
Walls of Circaei
Tercer Viage - Lamina 48
Segundo Viage - Lamina 9
Tercer Viage - Lamina 36
Interior of the Treasury of Atreus
General View of the Pointed Gates
Tercer Viage - Lamina 21
Acropolis of Pharsalia in Thessaly
Well and Building at Sabachtsche
Tower and Gates at Eleutherai
Tercer Viage - Lamina 27
Vista de la Mina de Veta Grande
Interior of the Great Gate at Alatrium
Segundo Viage - Lamina 43
Walls at Ferentinum
Title Page
Tercer Viage - Lamina 33
Acropolis of Daulia
Tercer Viage - Lamina 38
General view of the Town of Cora
Segundo Viage - Lamina 32
Pointed Cyclopian Gate at Segni
Segundo Viage - Lamina 29


Map Name
Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America - Outline Map of Central America (1844)


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