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History Archive Mission

Digitizing the World's Knowledge

The History Archive is an organization dedicated to preserving valuable historical material and providing easy digital access for researchers and the public. From the earliest days of pre-history into the modern era we aim to collect all historically relevant documents, images, and content into a single location. Nearly all of our collections exist in the public domain which means it is freely shareable and usable without restrictions.

Like a modern day Library of Alexandria, this resource will aid scholars, students and anyone else who wishes to learn more about the history of the world and the various cultures that reside in it. The works contained in our curated collections encompass every area of the globe and provide important primary source accounts of various periods and events in history as well as descriptions of costume, scenery and more.

History Archive - Adam and Charles Black Books History Archive - Pocket Globe


Through liberating education via the internet we aim to make the real true facts of history more easily accessible to everyone. We also hope to make real history and facts entertaining to all generations through the use of historical paintings and drawings for illustrations.

We offer the content of this project to its rightful owners of all mankind through the internet. We aim to digitize all of the classics and other historical primary and secondary sources to be easily accessible on any device. As long as someone can get access to the internet they can download the content to their device and read it offline as well.

We do not aim to profit off of this project and our team consists of archaeologists, historians, scientists, philosophers and experts of many other academic disciplines who use the revenue to simply sustain the costs of running a website and expand the content as well.

History Archive - Old Bible
History Archive - Travel in Aquatint and Lithography

Highest Quality

History Archive - Description de l'Egypte

We aim to provide only the highest quality and complete copies of works and try our best to get non-watermarked and high resolution images. However, sometimes these are not available and lesser quality copies are used in lieu of having nothing.

However, in the pursuit of historical accuracy we try to make sure all illustrations, maps and other images are in the book as well as all the other pages. If you have a better copy of a work we have in our collections please contact us and we will update the website.

You can contact us using the form below with any messages including suggestions, corrections, missing information, errors and more. You can also message us on Facebook as well.

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