Most of the world's land lies north of the equator, in the Northern hemisphere. Of the many specified regions, only Oceania lies entirely in the Southern hemisphere. Here you can view all of the collections by geographic or political region.

Not all of these geographic regions or nations exist today and many have different historical names than you may recognize today. Each region can also be sub-divided into smaller regional units.

For each region a complete history based on historical encyclopedias and other texts is given along with all of the corresponding maps, images, books and people associated with that region.

Given our collections span from the 15th century through the modern era you can also view the images in a historical progression over time to see how the region may have changed over the centuries.

Overall our collections span nearly every region of the globe as early European explorers and travelers especially British and French were eager to paint and illustrate the new and exotic landscapes that unfolded in front of them as they ventured out into the world.

In essence these collections can help paint a vibrant picture of what life used to be like in many parts of the world during the golden age of travel and exploration while helping to dispel many myths and rumors related to an inaccurate understanding of history.

History Archive - Locations

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