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History Archive - Cabinet of Curiosities

Our collections at the History Archive would have been envied by kings the world over and for the first time in history these rare works are available for public viewing in their entirety. These collections represent the accumulation of primary source written and pictorial works that form the historical record for our common shared history.

This institution was established to ensure the longevity and preservation of fragile and valuable material that should be shared for all to enjoy. The works catalogued here are selected for their enduring historical and cultural value and are incredibly unique with few modern comparisons in quality.

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History Archive - Collections Display

We preserve many different kinds of materials in our collections including books, maps, trading cards, postcards, paintings, and many kinds of images including aquatints, lithographs and more. We also aim to preserve various magazines and academic journals for easy research access. The material in our exhibitions are pulled from the libraries of the world as well as private collections from our generous donors.

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History Archive - Imperial Egg

When many of these books were written they were not accessible to the average person who may not have even known how to read. However, with the modern invention of the internet it is our duty to preserve these historical texts for posterity and provide universal access as well. Valuable material is often destroyed during wars, natural disasters and even through negligence and lack of preservation with many ancient texts being lost for all time.

Feel free to browse through all our available collection topics and regions below. We are adding more constantly so keep checking back for new updates. If you are interested in contributing a work to our collections or have one we are searching for please contact us. We individually curate and catalogue information about each item so we do request works be of high quality and completeness including all maps and illustrations.

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