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Hunting is the practice of killing or trapping animals, or pursuing or tracking them with the intent of doing so. Hunting wildlife or feral animals is most commonly done by humans for food, recreation, to remove predators that can be dangerous to humans or domestic animals, or for trade. Lawful hunting is distinguished from poaching, which is the illegal killing, trapping or capture of the hunted species. The species that are hunted are referred to as game or prey and are usually mammals and birds.

In the 19th century, southern and central European sport hunters often pursued game only for a trophy, usually the head or pelt of an animal, which was then displayed as a sign of prowess. The safari method of hunting was a development of sport hunting that saw elaborate travel in Africa, India and other places in pursuit of trophies. In modern times, trophy hunting persists and is a significant industry in some areas.

Many of our works comprise scenes of hunting in England. Unarmed fox hunting on horseback with hounds is the type of hunting most closely associated with the United Kingdom; in fact, "hunting" without qualification implies fox hunting. What in other countries is called "hunting" is called "shooting" (birds) or "stalking" (deer) in Britain.

Originally a form of vermin control to protect livestock, fox hunting became a popular social activity for newly wealthy upper classes in Victorian times and a traditional rural activity for riders and foot followers alike. Similar to fox hunting in many ways is the chasing of hares with hounds. Pairs of Sight hounds (or long-dogs), such as greyhounds, may be used to pursue a hare in coursing, where the greyhounds are marked as to their skill in coursing the hare (but are not intended to actually catch it), or the hare may be pursued with scent hounds such as beagles or harriers. Other sorts of foxhounds may also be used for hunting stags (deer) or mink. Deer stalking with rifles is carried out on foot without hounds, using stealth.

Available Books


Image Name
Devil's Dance
Back Cover
Flicker or Golden Winged Woodpecker
Woodcock Shooting
Blackcock feeding on the Buds
Cougar or Panther
The Ostrich - Sailing Under False Colours
Belted King Fisher and Buffel Headed Duck
The Dance
The Wolf - The Noble Sacrifice
Sport and Travel in Both Tibets [Map]
Great-Tailed Squirrel
A sunk Butt
Ptarmigan in Midwinter
Front Cover
Sabana the Cook
Front Cover
Crossing the Marsemik La
[Dog No. 5]
Climbing Trees
America Porcupine
Front Cover
Fishing No. 1
Stalking a Herd
[Dog No. 8]
Throwing the Spear
[Dog No. 12]
Title Page
Breaking Cover
Title Page
Bell Heather, White Heather, and Ling Heather
The Duke Charged by an Elephant
Ruffed Grouse or Pheasant
Golden Winged Warbler and Indigo Bird
Burhel Ovis Nakura
Front Cover
[Dog No. 20]
Murdering the Lohareea Tigress
The Vale of Kibble
Starting for the Chang La
Polar Bear
Grey Squirrel
Grey Fox
Prairie Wolves
The Encounter in the Kraal
The Charge of Sixpences
Antelope Plain
'The Valley of Death'
A warm Slope that the Grouse love in the Springtime
Wild Horses
Penwortham Church
Summer Duck
Caught at Last
Warriors of New South Wales
Over The Zogi La
Penwortham, with the conclusion of a Battue
Meadow-Lark and Snow Bird
The Eagle Nest
Back Cover
Lieutenant Rice and the Tiger
[Dog No. 19]
Great Horned Owl
Hunting the Porcupine
[Dog No. 16]
Blashaw Dam
Title Page
Back Cover
Scarlet Tanager and Blue-Eyed Yellow Warbler
Title Page
'Ware Chase'
Title Page
The Lion - Assailed by Death in Three Shapes
[Dog No. 15]
Hunting the Eland
Back Cover
Canvas-Back Duck and Red-Headed Duck
Red Flamingo
Newfoundland Dog
Howick, from Blashaw Wood
Heather Burning in long Strips
The Wild Boar Catching a Tartar
Front Cover
Black Wolf
Title Page
Tulketh Hall and Town of Preston
Esquimaux Dog
Red Fox
Elliot Being Seized


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