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A garden is a word that comes from the old French "gardin", mod. Fr. jardin; this, like our words "garth," a paddock attached to a building, and "yard," comes from a Teutonic word for an enclosure which appears in Gothic as gards and O. H. Ger. gart, cf. Dutch gaarde and Ger. garten), the ground enclosed and cultivated for the growth of fruit, flowers or vegetables.

The word is also used for grounds laid out ornamentally, used as places of public entertainment. Such were the famous Ranelagh and Vauxhall Gardens in London; it is similarly used in zoological gardens, and as a name in towns for squares, terraces or streets. From the fact that Epicurus taught in the gardens at Athens, the disciples of his school of philosophy were known as οὶ άΠὸ τῶν κήΠων (so Diog. Laertius x. 10); and Cicero (De finibus v. i. 3, and elsewhere) speaks of the Horti Epicuri. Thus as the "Academy" refers to the Platonic and the "Porch" (ςτοά) to the Stoic school, so the "Garden" is the name given to the Epicurean school of philosophy. Apollodorus was known as κηΠοτὐραννος, the tyrant of the garden.


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Image Name
The River Horse Fountain, Enville
Wistaria, Nagaoka
The Vapour of the Earth Covers the Houses on the Mountains
View from the Rustic Seat, Shrublands
Flower-Market, Haarlem
The Round Garden, Drakelowe
The Palace, Peterhof
Front Cover
A Group of Senecio
Back Cover
Pride of Madeira and Daisies
The Water-Lily Pond
Wistaria, Quinta da Levada
Birds Eye View of (Mon Plaisir) in the Garden at Elvaston Castle
The Drooping Cherry
Plan of a Garden in one of the Island Palaces at Udaipur
The Palm House
Loo Rock, Funchal
Tulips in their Prime
The "Berceau," Het Loo
The Pink Cherry
The Sweet-Scented Water, and compleat Mountains
A January Moonrise, Golders Hill, Hampstead
The many Rivers and Air that breathe from the Pine-Tree, its Partner
The Parterre, in the Gardens at Wilton
XXXV. The Lilac Terrace (Nishat Bagh)*
A Dutch Garden in Spring
Back Cover
The Place for Thinking
"Whose leaves with their crimson glow Hide the heart that lies burning and black below"
A Kentish Garden in Autumn
View from the Upper Terrace Walk, in the Gardens at Shrublands
Schloss zu Gmunden, from the Chestnut Avenue
Irises, Horikiri
A Quaint Garden
Dragon Fountain, in the Gardens at Eaton Hall
Fredensborg Castle, from the Marble Garden
Palace Gardens, Het Loo
A Boatload of Fragrance
XXVI. A Riverside Garden
Wistaria, Kyomidzu
XXIX. Autumn at Achibal*
The Herbaceous Border
Marlborough House
The Acropolis, from the Royal Palace, Athens
Viewing the Maples
Cypress Avenue, Quinta Stanford
August at Holyrood House, Spalding
Schloss zu Gmunden
The Western Mountain, or View of the Clouds that attend the Rising Sun
The Palace
The Return of the Storks
XXVII. The Octagonal Tank (Verinag Bagh)*
XXX. Flowers and Butterflies
Drottningholm Castle
The Rose Garden, Friedrichshof
The Hanging Rock, that looks down on the Fishes
The Dutch Garden, Moor Park
XXV. The Lower Pavilion (Nishat Bagh)*
The fine Pine and Bird
The Dovecote, Stonelands, Sussex
Front Cover
King James's Steps, Windsor Castle
A Buddhist Shrine
A Dutch Garden
Wild Flowers in the Beech Woods
XXIII. The Diwan-i-'Am (Shalimar Bagh)*
Rose Garden, Eton College
Lotus Flowers
The Church, Sandringham
The Lake, looking South
A Wild Garden
Achibal Bagh (Plan of the two remaining Terraces)
XXXII. Pinjor*
Lilies on the Rocks, Atami
On the Torrinhas Road
A Bulb House
Title Page
Lotus at Kyomidzu
The Rose Garden, Newtown House, Newbury
The Dutch Garden, Kensington Palace
Chrysanthemums, Kyoto
Frederiksborg Castle
Back Cover
The Rosary
II-III. Bagh-i-Vafa (The Garden of Fidelity)
In an Old Garden
The Orangery, Laeken
The Royal Palace, Athens
The Shining of the Sun on the limpid Waters
The Clock Tower, Wolfsgarten
The Herbaceous Ground
The Way like the Herb Chi, and the Banks like the Clouds of Heaven
A Chapel Doorway
St. George & the Dragon Fountain, Holkham


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