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A garden is a word that comes from the old French "gardin", mod. Fr. jardin; this, like our words "garth," a paddock attached to a building, and "yard," comes from a Teutonic word for an enclosure which appears in Gothic as gards and O. H. Ger. gart, cf. Dutch gaarde and Ger. garten), the ground enclosed and cultivated for the growth of fruit, flowers or vegetables.

The word is also used for grounds laid out ornamentally, used as places of public entertainment. Such were the famous Ranelagh and Vauxhall Gardens in London; it is similarly used in zoological gardens, and as a name in towns for squares, terraces or streets. From the fact that Epicurus taught in the gardens at Athens, the disciples of his school of philosophy were known as οὶ άΠὸ τῶν κήΠων (so Diog. Laertius x. 10); and Cicero (De finibus v. i. 3, and elsewhere) speaks of the Horti Epicuri. Thus as the "Academy" refers to the Platonic and the "Porch" (ςτοά) to the Stoic school, so the "Garden" is the name given to the Epicurean school of philosophy. Apollodorus was known as κηΠοτὐραννος, the tyrant of the garden.


1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 11. pg. 459.

Available Books


Image Name
Front Cover
Cherry Blossom, Chion-in Temple
The Villa d'Este, Rome
Entrance to the Gardens, Ayscough Fee Hall
XVII. The Diwan-i-Khas, Delhi*
Wistaria, Kabata
Title Page
"The Parterre", Castle Howard
The Palace, Sans Souci
The Greenhouse
XXVII. The Octagonal Tank (Verinag Bagh)*
Lilinm Auratum
"When Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil"
The "Berceau," Het Loo
Datura, Quinta Vigia
Dragon Fountain, in the Gardens at Eaton Hall
Title Page
Azaleas, Quinta Ilheos
XXXIV. Bharatpur Palace Garden
Back Cover
Lotus at Kyomidzu
Roses, Santa Luzia
Torch Lily and Hollyhocks
The limpid Stream of the Fountain that encompasses the Rocks
Spanish Irises
A Quaint Garden
VII. Sikandrah
The Drooping Cherry
"Whose leaves with their crimson glow Hide the heart that lies burning and black below"
Cinerarias, Achilleion, Corfu
Title Page
The Parterre, in the Gardens at Wilton
"Vista", in the Gardens at Teddesley
The Scarlet Bougainvillea
The Purple Bougainvillea
Satake Garden, Tokyo
XXIX. Autumn at Achibal*
The Palace, Schonbrunn
Rose Garden, Eton College
Achibal Bagh (Plan of the two remaining Terraces)
Azaleas in a Portuguese Garden
VIII. An Offering to Naga*
The Pond, Wolfsgarten
The Lightning-Arch that sucks in the Water
A Sheltered Garden
The Mill, Sans Souci
Wild Flowers in the Beech Woods
Schloss Friedrichshof
XL. The Chenar Tree Throne
A Bulb-Grower's Garden
Wild Hyacinths
Weigandia and Daisies
Necessidades Palace, Lisbon
Herbaceous Border, Villa Hvidore
Evening Primrose
The Rosary
Chateau Sofiero
XIX. Shah-Dara*
Title Page
A Bulb Farm near Overveen
Peach Blossom
The Garden of the Crown Prince's Palace, Athens
Title Page
Herbaceous Borders, Dingley Park
A Dutch Garden in Spring
Darwin Tulips
Fredensborg Castle, from the Marble Garden
IX. Floral Detail from the Taj Dado
The Kobai Plum Blossom
The Garden of Cyrus
Bulb Time, Haarlem
In the Rock Garden
Apple Trees
Shalimar Bagh (Kashmir)
Air Without Heat
Wistaria, Kyomidzu
The Old Wistaria
Flower-Market, Haarlem
The two Lakes like two Looking-Glasses
The Herbaceous Border
Upper and Lower Terrace Gardens, Bowood
Capo di Monte, Naples
The Sunk Garden, the Vatican, Rome
An Iris Garden
Back Cover
Schloss Nymphenburg
XXVI. A Riverside Garden
The Terrace Garden, Woburn Abbey
Azaleas, Awata
Red Aloes
The Promise of Spring
XXV. The Lower Pavilion (Nishat Bagh)*
XXVIII. The Great Waterfall (Achibal Bagh)*
Plan of a Courtyard in the Maharaja's Palace at Udaipur
Front Cover


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