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South Carolina on Dec. 20, 1860, seceded and prepared for war, and by Feb. 1, 1861, had been followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. On Feb, 4 they formed the Confederate States. In the spring North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee joined the Confederacy.

On April 14, 1861, South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter, and the Civil War began. It closed on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox, Va. It had engaged 2,780,000 Federal and 1,000,000 Confederate troops; cost 500,000 lives; encumbered the nation with a debt of $2,800,000,000; and almost ruined the south.

For details of this bitter and exhausting struggle the reader is referred to accounts (under proper titles) of the important battles, as Bull Run, Donelson, Shiloh, Stone River, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chickamauga, the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Mission Ridge and Atlanta, as, also, to sketches of the great leaders, as Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan, Logan and others of the Federal side and Davis, Lee, Beauregard, Johnston, Jackson and others of the Confederates.

It should be noted, however, that, while the final issue was determined in the results of these great battles, any adequate understanding of the intensity and strain of this titanic struggle must be sought in the story of hundreds of minor engagements, for the record shows that during 1862-4 every day saw a clash of arms, and it is a literal fact that the roar of artillery and the rattle of musketry did not cease for one day during these dreadful years.

Available Books


Image Name
19th Army Corps (II)
Famous Union Battle Flags III
Gen. Grants Headquarters
Headquarters of the Army of the Ohio
Back Cover
Cavalry Command (I)
A Rebel Shell Bursting in a Union Hospital
25th Army Corps (II)
Artillery Regimental
22nd Army Corps (II)
5th Army Corps (II)
7th Army Corps (II)
Front Cover
Cavalry Corps (II)
Famous Union Battle Flags IV
4th Army Corps (III)
Book Display II
24th Army Corps (I)
Reserve Cavalry Bridge and Cavalry Corps
Capture of a Rebel Congressman on the Suspension Bridge at Niagara Falls
Cavalry Command (II)
Front Cover
25th Army Corps (I)
Cavalry Corps (I)
The blowing up of the James River Fleet on the night of the evacuation of Richmond
14th Army Corps (I)
16th Army Corps (I)
1st Army Corps (I)
Front Cover
Confederate Battle Flags
4th Army Corps (II)
11th Army Corps (I)
The Sumter, Kearsarge and Tuscarora at Gibraltar
12th Army Corps (I)
21st Army Corps (II)
"Ours", 1864, Army of the Potomac
Army of the Potomac
Second Dragons Unit IV
18th Army Corps (II)
Front Cover
22nd Army Corps (I)
15th Army Corps (II)
Book Display I
Women of the War, Famous Nurses of Union Soldiers
10th Army Corps (I)
23rd Army Corps (I)
Fleeing from the Land of Bondage on the Mississippi River in 1863
Dept. of West. Va. (I)
Frontispiece Portrait of Lafayette Charles Baker
Flag used at Gen. Sherman's Headquarters
Inquest Held Upon the Body of Booth
Back Cover
Col. Baker Carrying Dispatches to General Banks
The Coffin Contained Fifty-Six Sharp's Rifles
19th Army Corps (III)
2nd Army Corps (II)
The Dying Soldier, the Last Letter from Home
Execution of the Assassins
Artillery National
9th Army Corps (I)
Planning the Capture of Booth
10th Army Corps (II)
Gen. Sherman's Headquarters
The Sumter running the blockade of Pass al Outre by the enemy's ship
17th Army Corps (II)
3rd Army Corps (I)
Book Display I
14th Army Corps (IV)
Cavalry Corps (III)
Midnight on the Battle Field
The Poor Woman Seeking Her Boy
The Tragedy at Garrett's
21st Army Corps (I)
20th Army Corps (III)
9th Army Corps (II)
A Woman in Battle -
Famous Union Battle Flags VI
Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac
Map of Raids and Battle by the Second Regiment of Cavalry
Red Star Brigade and the Regular Brigade Flag
8th Army Corps (I)
8th Army Corps (II)
23rd Army Corps (II)
17th Army Corps (I)
Famous Union Battle Flags VII
12th Army Corps (II)
Dept. of West. Va. (II)
20th Army Corps (IV)
16th Army Corps (II)
Our battery at the front. Reveille after an anxious night
2nd Army Corps (I)
1st Veteran Army Corps
1st Cavalry Division
Capture of a Correspondent of the London Times
11th Army Corps (II)


Map Name
From Everglade to Canon with the Second Dragoons - Map of Raids and Battles by the Second Regiment of Cavalry (1875)
From Everglade to Canon with the Second Dragoons - Battlefields, Marches and Principal Stations of the Second Regiment of Cavalry (1875)


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