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Spitzbergen (spits-berg'en), a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean, 400 miles north of Norway. They are covered with ice, with sharp projecting peaks, which give them their name of Spitzbergen, meaning Needle-like Mountains. On the western coast the climate is affected by the Gulf Stream, while the eastern coast is icebound and difficult of access.

There is a scanty vegetation, with 40 species of plants; herds of reindeer, the arctic fox and the polar bear are found, with great swarms of sea-fowl. The longest day is four months, and the long night lasts from Oct. 22 to Feb. 22, in which the moon and stars and occasionally the aurora borealis are the only light. There are no permanent inhabitants, but the islands are visited by Norwegian walrus-hunters and scientific explorers.


Consult Lord Dufferm's Letters from High Latitudes.

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)

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Image Name
Title Page
Aldert Dirkses Bugt Wijde Bay d. 12 Juli 1861
Ankunft der Hansabote in der Missionsstation Friedrichsthal
Konig Wilhelms Land
Ostra Norskon, Nordpynten d. 23 Juli 1861
Das Teufelsschloss
Scene der Schlittenreise nach Norden
Back Cover
Ubersichtskarte des nordlichen Theiles von Ostgronland
Glacier I Det Infra af Magdalena Bay d. 29 Juli 1861
Tiroler Fjord
Front Cover
Front Cover
Scoresby's Grotta, Kingsbay
Kaiser-Franz-Josephs-Fjord und die Petermanns-Spitze
Glacier Gross Bay d. 7 Aug
N. Fuglo d. 9 Maj
Treureneg Bay
Karte over Spetsbergen
Amsterdam Eiland d. 25 Juli
Kaiser Franz-Josephs Fjord
Norsk Oarne d. 1 Juni 1861
Kaiser Franz Josephs Fjord mit der Payerspitze
Illustrated Title Page
Title Page
Tre Kroner, Kings Bay - d. 12 Aug 1861
Originalkarte der Pendulum Inseln
Wijde Bay I Det Infre af Vestra Armen
Green Harbour I Is-Fiord 24/8 64
Beeren Eiland d. 13 Mar 1861


Map Name
Die zweite Deutsche Nordpolarfahrt Vol. 1 - Kaiser Franz-Josephs Fjord (1873)
Die zweite Deutsche Nordpolarfahrt Vol. 1 - Ubersichtskarte des nordlichen Theiles von Ostgronland (1873)
Die zweite Deutsche Nordpolarfahrt Vol. 1 - Originalkarte der Pendulum Inseln (1873)
Svenska expeditionen till Spetsbergen - Karte over Spetsbergen (1865)


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