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Southern Africa is the southernmost region of the African continent. This region is the portion of Africa south of the Cunene and Zambezi Rivers. The terrain of Southern Africa is varied, ranging from forest and grasslands to deserts. The region has both low-lying coastal areas, and mountains. Southern Africa has a wide diversity of ecoregions including grassland, bushveld, karoo, savannah and riparian zones.

There are many species present in the region including white rhino, lion, African leopard, impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, vervet monkey and elephant. It has complex Plateaus that create massive mountain structures along the South African border.

In terms of natural resources, the region has the world's largest resources of platinum and the platinum group elements, chromium, vanadium, and cobalt, as well as uranium, gold, copper, titanium, iron and diamonds. This made southern Africa a resource rich target for the European powers during the colonial age.

Southern Africa is home to many cultures and people. It was initially populated by indigenous or native Africans San, Khoikhoi and Pygmies in widely dispersed concentrations. Due to the Bantu expansion which edged the previous native African peoples to the more remote areas of the region, the majority of African ethnic groups in this region, including the Xhosa, Zulu, Tsonga, Swazi, Northern Ndebele, Southern Ndebele, Tswana, Sotho, and Shona people, BaLunda, Mbundu, Ovimbundu, Shona, Chaga and Sukuma, speak Bantu languages.

The process of colonization and settling resulted in a significant population of native European (Afrikaner, British, Portuguese Africans, etc.) and Asian descent (Cape Malays, Indian South Africans, etc.) in many southern African countries.

Available Books


Image Name
Sandy Bay Valley in the island of St. Helena
Title Page
Umbambu and Umpengulu, Young Zulus in their dancing costume
Front Cover
A Boosh-Wannah Hut
Front Cover
View near the Village of Asceriah in Abyssinia
We're All A Nodding
On the Sandhills near Muizenberg
Bavarian's Kloof.
Plan or Bird's Eye View of Victoria Falls
Book Display I
The Rush for Kimberley
Title Page
The Koodoo
Mounted Infantry coming down the Witwatersrand
A Boer Vrouw
Title Page
Mucculla in Abyssinia
The Pyramids at Cairo
In the Face of a Storm
View near Point de Galle, Ceylon
The Blue Shadow - View from Rhode's Monument
Illustrated Title Page
Captured Boer Waggons
A Mid-day Rest
Examining a Boer's Pass
Karl Julius, a Hottentot Herd Boy
Sand Dunes
Nearing Pretoria
Back Cover
The Falls from the Western End of the Chasm
Malay Boy of Cape Town
Plan van het Etablishement aan de Algoa-Baai
Centre Rock Fall and the Eastern Cataracts
Hadji Hassan Nudin Ibanu Abdallah or Karel (A Malay Priest at Prayers)
On the Victoria Road, near Oude Kraal
Panda reviewing his soldiers at Nonduengu
At Lakeside, looking South-East
Back Cover
The Bed of the River at Paardeberg
Bethanien im Orange Freistaat Berliner Missionsstation
Transport, Lumsden's Horse
Led Ponies
An Early Drink
A Veldt Fire
Nazea, a Malay Woman
Fighting in the Bush
The Consultation
Military Station at Algoa Bat
Gaikas (Sandillas Tribe)
[Table Bay, with Table Mountain and Cape Town]
Mule Transport crossing a Drift
A Mounted Infantry Vedette
Back Cover
Blue Hydrangeas at Groote Schuur
Cape Town from the Camps Bay Road
Our Water Supply at Kroonstad
Guard Mounting, Bloemfontein
Ruins of the Fort at Juanpore on the River Goomtee
Oak Avenue, Newlands
A Kaffer Village
Scene in Sitsikamma
Hout Bay and Hangberg
A Swarm of Locusts
The Falls from the Narrow Neck Near the Eastern Headland of the Outlet
A View near the Roode Sand Pass at the Cape of Good Hope
The Vet River Fight as seen by the Boers
Kaffers on a March
Wire Cutters to the Front
Front Cover
Inanda Kraal, Natal
Title Page - First Part
A View at Lucknow
Utimuni, Nephew of Chaka the late Zulu King
Cape Town from Table Bay
Skirmishing Party of Cape Mounted Rifles
Book Display II
Title Page
The Patrol Tent
Frontispiece - Throwing the Assegai
Back Cover
The Quahkah
Korah Hottentots Preparing to Remove
Scene in a Zulu Kraal with Huts and Screens
Some Types of Free State Boers
Mounted Infantry Stretcher-Bearers
Great Western or Main Fall
Evening at Welgelegen
Siege Gun Shells destroyed by De Wet
Pagoda at Tanjore
Boer Transport crossing a Drift


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