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Singapore ("Lion City"") is a town of the East Indies on the island of Singapore. It was founded in 1819 for the British trade in the East Indies, and is the most important trading-place in southeastern Asia. It is a well-built town, with fine public buildings and all kinds of conveniences in the way of public works.

There are a governor's residence, a Protestant cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral, Mohammedan mosques, Hindu temples, Chinese joss-houses, a museum, hospitals and fine botanical and zoological gardens. The harbor is large, and is used as a naval coaling-station and depot. The island is 27 miles in length and 14 miles in breadth and has an area of 206 square miles.

The population in the early 1900s, numbered around 311,985, including 135,000 Chinese, 25,000 Malays and about 4,300 Europeans. Singapore, a crown-colony in the Straits Settlements, embraces Christmas and the Cocos Islands, the other settlements being Penang and Malakka. The climate is pleasant, though the death-rate is high.


The New Student's Reference Work. pg. 1760. (1914)

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Singapore - View of Government Hill, the English Burial Ground and the Armenian Church
Macao and the Monte Fort
Singapore Roads with the English Residences, Institutions, &c.
View of Macao from the Monte Fort near St. Paul's Church
Singapore - View of a Part of Campong-Clam, the Court House and Government Hill (Taken from Princeps Hill)


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