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Scandinavia, a long peninsula in the north of Europe, lying on the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, trie Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Geographically it includes Norway and Sweden, historically Denmark and Iceland, while its literature includes the literary work of the Swedish race in Finland even.


The New Student's Reference Work (1914) pg. 1687

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Image Name
Back Cover
A View of Elsineur Castle from Hemlet's Garden
Natural Arch on the Coast Near Stappen
The Houses of Parliament (Storthing), Christiania
Woman Spinning, Sundalsoren
A Dalecarlian Peasant
Krisuvik and the Sulphur Mountains
Fridtjof Nansen
A Bashkir Tropper
Snaefell Jokul
Back Cover
A Hackney Sledge
Costume worn in the Bergen District
Title Page
Map of Iceland
Back Cover
Fishing through the Ice on Christiania Fjord
A Dalecarlian Female Peasant
Moldoen [II]
A Norwegian Girl
Hardanger Headdress
Country Girl, Bergen District
Skiers drinking Goosewine
A Kalmuc Horseman
A Russian Peasant in His Summer Dress
Espelandsfos, Hardanger
Map of the Glaciers of the Ymesfield in Lat. 60', 40'
Ostre Kanalhavn, Trondhjem
A Russian Peasant in Her Summer Dress
Russian Boors in Their Winter Sledge
Girls on Overturned Sledge, Holmencollen
River at Haukeli
Romsdals Horn
A Baby of Telemarken
Skjaeggedalsfos, Hardanger
Snow Plough drawn by Eight or Ten Horses
Bergen Boats and Warehouses
The Chief of the Bashkirs
Farm-house and Mill at Gjora
Snow-capped Mountains at Aune
Roomby Munthe at Holmencollen
Little Girl of Telemarken
Henrik Ibsen
Nygaard Glacer, Justedal
A Russian Tradesman
Title Page
Great Jet of Steam on the Sulphur Mountains
The Inside of a Russian Post-House
Mountains and Fjord facing Molde
Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Map of the Southwest Coast of Iceland
A Soldier of the Imperial Foot-Guards
A Cottage Interior, Telemarken
An Officer of the Donsky Cossacs
Qvenanger Tinderne
Title Page
Summit of Heklaas seen from Naifurholt
Bergen [I]
On the Fjord, Sundalsoren
Icelandic House Diagram
A Little Saetersdalen Peasant Girl
Back Cover
Front Cover
Nichon's Hermitage
Plan of an Icelandic House
The Monastery of Voskresensky
Making Native Tapestry
Snuff Box
A Travelling Russian Boor
Vaefos, Hildal, Hardanger
A Vosse Bride
Mountains near Folden Fiord
Title Page
View of the Monasteries of Devitchy
A Typical Norwegian Maiden
Vaarstige Dovre-Field
Eruption of the Geyser
The Palace at Stockholm
Title Page
Buerbrse, Odde Hardanger
Petersburg taken from the steeple of St. Peter and St. Paul
Eruption of the Great Geyser
Mundal, Fjaerland, Sognefjord
Map of the Geysers and Neighbouring Springs
Saetersdalen Girl in National Costume
A Mine


Map Name
Norway and its Glaciers - Map of Norway (1853)
Travels in the Island of Iceland - Map of the Southwest Coast of Iceland (1811)
Travels in the Island of Iceland - Map of Iceland (1811)
The Natural History of Norway - An Accurate Map of the Kingdom of Norway (1755)


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