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Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil, stands on the western side of one of the finest natural harbors in the world. The city and its suburbs stretch nearly ten miles along the shore, while great mountain-ranges shut in the background. About three miles southwest stands the precipitous cone of Corcovado, up which a cog-railway carries 100,000 visitors every year to enjoy the magnificent view of land and sea.

The city is the commercial as well as political capital of Brazil, sending more than half of its exports and bringing in. 45 per cent, of the imports. The exports of Brazil in 1910 amounted to £75,465,109, the greater portion of this amount being derived from coffee. Manganese ores are largely exported from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. At Rio, besides large flour-mills, there are important woolen factories of cloths, felts, flannels and rugs.

In January of 1531 Alphonso de Sousa, a Portuguese captain, entered the bay, and, thinking it the mouth of a large river, named it Rio de Janerio - that is, January River; but the city was not founded until 1536. Its population, including many foreigners, is about 1,000,000. The state of Rio de Janeiro has an area of 26,634 square miles, and population of 926,035. Rio de Janeiro is represented in the Brazilian Congress (chamber of deputies) by 17 deputies. In 1903-04 military interference in the states of the republic led to a naval revolt in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, which was suppressed later.


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Image Name
A View of Rio and the Bay, showing Messrs. Walker's Wall
Eastern Side of the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
Sick Slaves
Offices of the Jornal do Commercio
Victoria Regia
Civil Police Headquarters
Front Cover
Garden of the Itamaraty Palace
The Store Cart
British Legation, Petropolis
Residence of General Pinheiro Machado
Rio Customs Wharf
Criminals Carrying Provisions to the Prison
Vista do Sacco d'Alferes & de St. Cristovao
The Praca da Lapa and Praca da Gloria
Na. Sa. da Gloria
The National Library
Funeral of a Negro
Offices of the Rio Tramway, Light and Power Company
View near Botafogo Bay
Workshops of the Lloyd Brasileiro Steamship Company
The Beira Mar Drive
Map of Rio de Janeiro
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Offices, Avenida Rio Branco
Map of Brazil with Railways
The Royal Mail Steam Packet
The Waterfall of Tijuca
S.W. View of the City of Rio de Janeiro
Pretos de Ganho
Moorish Building and Mssrs. Guinle's Offices
Boto Fogo
Approach to Rio de Janeiro, from the Westward toward Sugar Loaf, about Four Leagues Distant
Terminus of the Central Railway of Brazil
Lagoa de Freitas
Title Page
View of the Western Side of the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
A Pedlar and his Slave
South Suburban Rio - Ipanema
Caixa de Amortizacao
Largo da Gloria
General Map of the Western Telegraph Company's System
Entrance to the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro . Sugar Loaf about Two miles Distant
Corner of the Praca da Gloria
Point of the Calhabouco from the Gloria
Copocabana and Leme
St. Joao de Carachy, a Praya Grande
The Itamaraty Palace
The Palace
A Bit of Rio's North Western Suburbs
Back Cover
Penetrating the Amazonian Forest
The Botafogo Portion of Rio's Bay-side Avenue
A Corner of the Hall of Honour, Cattete Palace
A Glimpse of the Lake at Riberao das Lages
A Bit of Rio with the Ilha das Cobras and the Ilha Fiscal
Offices of the Leopoldina Railway
Map of the Railways of Brazil
International Hotel, Santa Thereza
Ministry of Agriculture
A Market Stall
Bird's-eye View of the ancient Carioca Viaduct
Botafogo Bay Plate 2
Looking down from the Eastern Edge of Cocovado
The Lazaretto
"Villino Nair"
View of the Falls of Iguassu
View of the City of Rio de Janeiro taken from the Anchorage
Residence of Mr. Joseph Walker, Petropolis
Aerial Car reaching Summit of the Sugar Loaf
Title Page
View from the Landing Place at the Gloria
Bamboo Grove, Botanical Gardens
A Pleasure Cart
Residence of Dr. Pedro de Toledo
Ministry of Traffic and Public Works
Cattete Palace
Botafogo Bay Plate 1
Plantacao de Cafe
The Ride or Net
The Brazilian Super-Dreadnought
Back Cover
Huma Historia
Gaunabara Palace
Ilha das Corbas
A Brazilian Family
Jute Mills of the Cia. Nacional de Tecidos de Juta
Espirito Santo
A Cascade at Tijuca
Moro do Castello & da Praya d'Ajuda
Municipal Theatre, Avenida Rio Branco
Residence of Mr. Frank H. Walter, Petropolis
Tejuca Mountains


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