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Persian Gulf, an arm of the Indian Ocean, lying between Arabia and Persia. Its length is 600 miles, its breadth varying from 50 to 250 miles. The total area is about 75,000 square miles. The order of its periodic currents is precisely the reverse of those of the Red Sea, as they ascend from May to October and descend from October to May. The greatest depth does not exceed 50 fathoms. Oriental geographers give this gulf the name of the Green Sea, from the strip of water of a greenish color lying along the Arabian coast.


The New Student's Reference Work (1914) pg. 1456

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Image Name
Front Cover
The attack on the Fort of Luft. Novr 27th 1809
Schinaass from the right of the encampment, on the morning of the 3rd Jany 1810
Muskat Habour from the Fisher-men's Rock
A view of the Linga or Lung, from the sea during the destruction of the Dow's &c Novr 16th 1809
The wall & beach, near Rus ul Khyma, with the troops preparing to land on the morning of the 13th Novr 1809
A view of Mutra from the East
The storming of a large storehouse near Rus ul Khyma, where Captn Dancey of H.M. 65th Regt was killed. Novr 13th 1809
The fleet under convoy of H.M. Ship Chiffone, Capt Wainwright, leaving Bombay. Septr 14, 1809. From the Apollo Gate
Muskat, from the Habour
Rus ul Khyma, from the S W and the situation of the troops at 1/2 past 2 P.M. Novr 13th 1809
Rus ul Khyma, with the attack of the H.C.'s Cruisers on the Evening of the 11th Novr 1809
The troops landing at Rus ul Khyma at sun-rise, 13th Novr 1809
Schinaass from the sea
The storming of Schinaass. Jany 3rd 1810.
The attack of the enemys Cavalry at Schinaass. Jany 2d 1810
A view of the Luft. 16th Nov 1809


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