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Madeira, the chief of a group of small volcanic islands with precipitous coasts, in the Atlantic, 400 m. off Morocco; has peaks 6000 ft. high and deep picturesque ravines; the island is a favourite resort for consumptives; the climate is very mild and equable, the rainfall moderate, and the soil fertile; crops of cereals and potatoes are raised; oranges, lemons, grapes, figs, and bananas abound; Madeira wine is famous, and the chief export; Funchal (21) is the capital, with an exposed harbour and some good buildings; the islands form a province of Portugal.

Available Books


Image Name
View from Pico Arreiro
Launching a Wine-laden Lighter
Funchal Bay from the West
A Scene on the Road to Machico
A Group of Senecio
A Shady Corner : Flower and Fruit Market
The Camp
Map of Madeira
The Pig Market : A Discussion on porcine Merits
A Madeira Garden Party
An Angel ready for the March
Wild Blue Hydrangea
Rural Toil
West Country Passenger Boat Sailing into Harbour
A Fruit Shop : Funchal
A Typical Madeira Cottage
Country Musicians
Jackaranda Tree
A Franciscan Friar Collecting Donations for His Convent
Front Cover
A Bright Garden Corner
Peasants Embroidering
A Carro Stand : Funchal
Front Cover
Fishing Village of Cama de Lobos
Wine Shipper's Yard : Funchal
Poinsettia on the Mount Road
Manner of Visiting Among the Ladies at Funchal
Title Page
A Lady and Her Servant Going to Church
Hauling Sugar Cane
Peasants Resting by the Wayside
A Nun and Her Attendant
Rural Occupations
Rabacal Levada : Entrance to the Tunnel
The Boot Market
Back Cover
In the Sugar Cane Fields
Inside of a Cottage
Road Leading to Casino
Approaching the Machico Valley
The Pride of the Family
Light, Shade and Blossom
A Cottage Enclosure
The Pig Market
"Pride of Madeira"
Homeward Bound
International Courtesies
Manner of Cultivating the Ground
A Bread Seller : Funchal Market
Basket Work : Camacha
Rising Mist : Ribeiro do Inferno
Madeira : From an Ancient French Map
Pico Grande
Funchal Beach : A Morning Toilette
The Casino Gardens
Title Page
The Purple Bougainvillea
"Borachos," or Wine Skins
Casino Terrace
Bignonia Venusta
Azaleas, Quinta Ilheos
A Roadside Scene
The Hansom Cab of Madeira
A Franciscan Friar on a Journey
Cutting Sugar Cane
Surf on the Jetty
Mules with Sacks of Wine : Monte Road
Wood Cutters : The Dinner Hour
A Running Carro : Monte Road
A Mist in the Mountains
The Fish Market : A Good Catch of "Bonitos"
A Chapel Doorway
A Typical Madeira Valley
Members of the Senate
A Water Carrier
The Washerwomen's Corner
Red Aloes
Aloes and Daisy Tree
The New Palace Hotel
Basket Chairs coming into Town
Lay Sisters of the Order of the Lady of Mount Carmel
R.M.S.P. "Avon" 1st Class Dining Saloon
Back Cover
Road near S. Antonio da Serra
Beater and One of the Bag
Loo Rock, Funchal
On the Torrinhas Road
A Corner of the Orchid House : Quinta Reid
"Jardim da Serra"
A Mountain Path : Ribeiro Frio
The Late King of Portugal playing tennis at the Palheiro
A Prior of the Order of St. Francis and a Lay Brother
The Pig Market : The Lowest Price!


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