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Madagascar (3,500), largest island in the world but two, in the Indian Ocean, 300 m. off the Mozambique coast, SE. Africa; is nearly three times the size of Great Britain, a plateau in the centre, with low, fertile, wooded ground round about; has many extinct volcanoes and active hot springs; the highest peak is Ankàratra (9000 ft.), in the centre; the NW. coast has some good harbours; there are 300 m. of lagoons on the E.; the biggest lake is Alaotra, and the rivers flow mostly W..

The Malagasys possess civilised institutions; slavery was abolished in 1879; a quarter of the population is Christian; the heathen section, though untruthful and immoral, are affectionate, courageous, and loyal; Antanànarìvo (100), the capital, is situated in the interior, and has many fine buildings; chief ports, Tamatave on the E. and Majunga on the NW. coasts; the island has been under French protection since 1890, and is a French colony since 1896.

The climate is hot, with copious rains, except in the S.; rice, coffee, sugar, and vanilla are cultivated; many kinds of valuable timber grow in the forests, and these, with cattle, hides, and india-rubber, constitute the exports; gold, iron, copper, lead, and sulphur are found, and the natives are skilled in working metals.

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Image Name
River Hivondro
Group of Hovas: Raketake / Razanajaza / Razanakombana / Ralefoka
Houses of the Commander in Chief and Prime Minister, Antananarivo
Verandah of the Great Palace and Tombs of the Kings
Ferry at Andakana
Ambohipotsy, the execution ground and Isonierana Palace
Betsimasaraks and Betanimenes
Falls of Anevoga, Forest of Analamazaotra
Title Page
The Fasanrainihiaro
The Palace of Anaty Rova
Plan of the Palace Grounds, Antanarivo. 19th. Sept. 1862
Ambohidzanahary & Suburbs of Antananarivo
Antananarivo from Ambohipotsy
View from the Commander in Chief's House
Antananarivo from Rocks beneath Saluting Battery
Mount Angavo
Thomasina, the Fort of Tamatave
Gateway of Palace
River at Mahela
Sketch of Route from Tamatave to Antanamarivo


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