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The Holy Land is an area roughly located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea that also includes the Eastern Bank of the Jordan River. Traditionally, it is synonymous both with the biblical Land of Israel and Judaea and with the region of Palestine. The term "Holy Land" usually refers to a territory roughly corresponding to the modern State of Israel, the Palestinian territories, western Jordan, and parts of southern Lebanon and of southwestern Syria. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all regard it as holy.

Part of the significance of the land stems from the religious significance of Jerusalem, as the historical region of Jesus' ministry, and as the site of the Isra and Mi'raj event of c. 621 CE in Islam. The holiness of the land as a destination of Christian pilgrimage contributed to launching the Crusades, as European Christians sought to win back the Holy Land from the Muslims, who had conquered it from the Christian Byzantine Empire in the 630s. In the 19th century, the Holy Land became the subject of diplomatic wrangling as the Holy Places played a role in the Eastern Question which led to the Crimean War in the 1850s.

Many sites in the Holy Land have long been pilgrimage destinations for adherents of the Abrahamic religions, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Baha'is. Pilgrims visit the Holy Land to touch and see physical manifestations of their faith, to confirm their beliefs in the holy context with collective excitation, and to connect personally to the Holy Land.

Available Books


Image Name
The Dead Sea, Looking Towards Moab
Joppa or Jaffa
Mount Tabor
Ramla, Ancient Arimathea
Back Cover
Tombs of the Caliphs, Cairo. The Citadel in the Distance
Jerusalem from the North
The Vestibule of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Central Ridge of Palestine
Village of Dali on Site of Ancient Idalium
Suez No. 2
Title Page - Volume 1
The Approach to Baniyas
Interior of Mosque at Samaria
Stone of Unction - Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Cape Blanco
Illustrated Title Page
The Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar), from the Barracks near the Site of the Tower of Antonia
Scene on the Nile near Wady Dabod, with Crocodiles
Storm on the Lake of Gennesareth
The Pool of Bethesda
A Street in Jerusalem
The Dead Sea to Illustrate the Routes and Observations of the Rev'd H. B. Tristram
Ploughing on the Mount of Olives
The Wall of the Wailing - Place
Excavated Temple of Gyrshe, Nubia
Grand Entrance to the Temple of Luxor
Jacob's Well at Shechem
The Colossal Statues in the Plain of Thebes, seen during the Inundation of the Nile
Lesser Temple of Baalbec, looking towards Lebanon
The Gate of the Metwalis, or Bab Zuweyleh
The Immersion of the Pilgrims in the Jordan
The Meeting of the Valleys of Hinnomand Jehoshaphat, seen from the Eastern Point of the Walls of Zion
Front Cover
The Jordan
View from Under the Portico of the Great Temple of Dendera
Hattin or Mount of Beautitudes
Interior of the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel, Nubia
Ruins of a Christian Church in the Grand Court of the Temple of Medinet Abou
Fountain of Job - Valley of Hinnom
Garden and Monastery of the Capuchins near Syracuse
Tombs in Cairo [I]
A Street in Caiffe
The Lake of Galilee, looking North from Tiberias
The New Found Mouth of Jordan
The Fountain of the Virgin at Nazareth
Hassan Bey's Palace at Rhodes
Jerusalem, with the Road from Bethany
Medinet Abou, Thebes
Valley of Hinnom, with Hill of Offence
Temple of Tafa, in Nubia
Title Page
Jebel Usdum (The Salt Mountain), South End of the Dead Sea
The N.E. end of Jerusalem and Mizpah, from the Mount of Olives
Apse of the Fourth - Century Church over Jacob's Well at Shechem (Nablus)
The Cypresses of the Garden of Gethscmane
Back Cover
The Mosque of El Aksa, from inside the South Wall of Jerusalem
The Temples of Aboo-Simbel, from the Nile
Book Display
Mount Hor, from the Cliffs Encircling Petra
Galilee - Flowers near Karn Hattin
Back Cover
The Island of Philae by Sunset
Title Page
Within the Walls of Tiberius
Citadel of Cairo, the Residence of the Pasha
Fortress of Akaba, Arabia Petraea
Convent of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai, Principal Court
Captured on Jordan by the Arabs of Hooleh
Sunset in the Lebanon - Djebel Baruk
Island of Graia, Gulf of Akaba
El Khasne
The Interior of the Golden or Beautiful Gate, Jerusalem
A Colossal Statue at the Entrance to the Temple of Luxor
Title Page
Baalbec, Western Portico
Central Avenue of the Great Hall of Columns, Karnak
Front Cover
Back Cover
The Stream flowing from the Spring of Elisha
The Upper Valley of the Kidron, looking South
Book Display
Back Cover
Entrance to Nablous
Principal Mosque at Boulak
Sidon, from the North
The Western Shore of the Dead Sea
Town of Tiberias, looking towards Lebanon
Dromos, or First Court of the Temple of Karnak


Map Name
Palestine Illustrated - Modern Palestine (1888)
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia Vols. 3 & 4 - Map to Illustrate Mr. Robert's Route (1855)
The Land of Israel - The Dead Sea to Illustrate the Routes and Observations of the Rev'd H. B. Tristram (1865)
Palestine Illustrated - The City of Jerusalem (Modern) (1888)
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia Vols. 5 & 6 - Map of the Valley of the Nile  (1855)
Palestine Illustrated - The Central Ridge of Palestine (1888)
Journal of a Tour in the Levant Vol. 3 - Map of the Countries on the East Coast of the Mediterranean Sea (1820)
The Land of Israel - Routes in the Holy Land by the Rev'd H. B. Tristram (1865)
Journal of a Tour in the Levant Vol. 1 - Map of Greece and the Archipelago (1820)


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