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Himalaya (h?-m??l??y?), from two Sanskrit words, meaning snow-abode, in the southern and central parts of Asia, are not a single range, but a system, of parallel ranges some 1,500 miles long. The mountains of the southern range are among the loftiest in the world, many of them exceeding 20,000 feet in height. One, Mt. Everest (29,002), is the highest measured mountain in the world.

Among the others are Mt. Godwin-Austen (28,250), Kunchinjinga (28,156), Dhwalagiri (26,826) and Nanda-Devi (25,700). They form the southern slope. There are other peaks, whose height has not been ascertained, that are believed to be higher than Mt. Everest. The great rivers of India flow from these mountains through wild, narrow gorges often thousands of feet deep. The mountains are considered sacred among the Hindus, and thousands of pilgrims ascend them yearly, traveling to the holy sources of the Ganges. They divide the central Asian tableland of Tibet from the plain of the Ganges in northern India.



The New Student's Reference Work (1914) pg. 874-875.

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Image Name
The Village of Naree
Panorama Profiles [IV]
The City of Nahun, viewed from the North
Ancient Temple at Bajara
Mussooree, from Landour
Panorama Profiles [V]
The Ridge and Fort of Jytock
House of Rana of Cote Gooroo
Going to a Wedding - A Likeness
Part of the Ghaut at Hurdwar
Fort of Raeengurh
Mr. Knox's House, Jugget Sound
Panorama Profiles [II]
Village of Mohuna, near Deobun
Crossing the Choor Mountain
Village of Shai
View at Simla
View of Sultanpure, Kulu
Panorama Profiles [I] the Himalaya of Bhutan Sikkim and Nepal
Country to the Northward from Nowagurh Teeba
The Salt Lake Kiuk Kiol in the Karakash Valley Turkistan
Interior of the Buddhistic Temple of the Monastery Mangnang in Gnari Khorsum
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [III]
Seran Rajas Palace
View of Sassoor, in the Deccan
Borro Boedoor
The Valley of the Yarkand River Downwards from Dera Bullu in Turkistan
The Village Jushul
Central Assam and the Brahmaputra Jungles from Ogri Hill near Tezpur
A Suttee
Sacrifice at Dungree Temple
Near Rusala
The Abbey and Hills, from near Mussooree
Village of Chate on Road to Kulu from Simla
Valley of the Dhoon, with the Ganges in the distance, from the Landour Ridge
The Salt Lake Tso Mitbal in Pangkong Tibet
The Mahanadi River in the Rainy Season Central Bengal
Source of the Jumna
The Ganges entering the Plains near Hurdwar
Back Cover
The Junction of the Touse and Pabur
Illustrated Title Page - Runjeet Singh's Encampment at Roopur, on the river Sutlej
Crossing the Touse
The Snowy Range, from Landour
The Chorkonda Glacier in Balti Tibet
Title Page
The Salt Lake Tso Gam in Eastern Ladak Tibet
Illustrated Title Page
The Chata River between Simla and Kulu
Routes in High Asia
Front Cover
The Valley of the Jumna with Two Grand Peaks of Bunderpooch
Gungootree, the Sacred Source of the Ganges
The Salt Lake Tsomognalari in Pangkong Western Tibet
The Jhilum or Behut in the Panjab
Janghera, or the Fakeer's Rock on the Ganges
Palm Grove and Singhalese Habitations near Galle Ceylon
Bombay Harbour, Fishing-boats in the Monsoon
Village of Mangeldai in Assam
Assemblage of Hillmen
View near Deobun
Assemblage of Ghoorkas
he Bias Between Amritsar and Jalander Panjab
The Chain of the Kuenluen from Sumgal in Turkistan
Part III Colored Wrapper
Deobita, 20,000 ft. / North Side Hamta Pass, 14,700 ft.
The Summit of Parisnath in Bahar
Panorama of the Lake and the Gardens near Srinagar Kashmir Northern Aspect
The Satlej Valley and the Environs of Rampur in the Western Himalaya
Entrance to the Keeree Pass, leading to the Valley of Deyrah Dhoon
Crossing by a Sangha, near Jumnootree
The Lahoul Bazaar below Sultanpur on the Beas
Title Page
Chong Fort - Parbutti Valley - Chamaun Opposite
The celebrated Hindoo Temples and Palace at Madura
Chong from the North - Bijli Temple (8,076 ft.) Opposite
Rocks at Colgong on the Ganges
Alluvial High Ground On the Western Border of the Sindh Sager Duab Panjab
Jumnotree the Source of the River Jumna
The Kunda Range in the Nilgiris Southern India
The Devil God is Taken Out with Trumpets and Shawms
Tombs of the Kings of Golconda
Back Cover
Suwarree of Seiks, and View near the Sutlej River
Kulu Women at Manali Fair - A Likeness
Title Page
Village of Khandoo, on the Ascent of the Choor
Temple of Mangnee
View near Jubberah
Index Map of Routes
Facsimile of a Bhutia Map
The Buddhist Monastery Himis near Leh in Ladak
The Summit of Kanchinjinga in the Himalaya of Sikkim
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [II]
Crossing the river Tonse by a Jhoola, or Rope Bridge


Map Name
Kulu: It's Beauties, Antiquities and Silver Mines - Map of Vazeeri Rupi and Kulu Valley (1873)


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