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Gibraltar is an island located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The landscape is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar at the foot of which is a densely populated town area.

In 1704, Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar from Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession on behalf of the Habsburg claim to the Spanish throne. The territory was ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

The Town

The modern town of Gibraltar is of comparatively recent date, nearly all the older buildings having been destroyed during the great siege (1779-1783). The town lies, with most of its buildings crowded together, at the north-western corner of the Rock, and covers only about one-ninth part of the whole area; only a small part of it is on level ground, and those of its narrow streets and lanes which are at right angles to the line wall, or sea front, are for the most part, except at their western ends, little more than ramps or rough stairs formed of rubble stones, contracting in places into stone steps.

The public buildings present few, if any, features of general interest. The “Convent” rebuilt upon the remains of an old Franciscan monastery is the official residence of the governor. The Anglican cathedral is a poor imitation of Moorish architecture. The garrison library has excellent reading rooms and a large number of volumes of miscellaneous interest. The civil hospital is a well-planned and roomy modern building. The courthouse and exchange buildings are suited to the needs of the town.

The antiquary may here and there find the remains of a Moorish bath forming part of a stable, or fragments of a sculptured stone gateway bearing the arms of Castile or of Aragon built into the wall of a modern barrack. In a small disused graveyard, near Southport gate, lie buried a number of those who fell at Trafalgar. To the south of the town are the Alameda parade and gardens, a lunatic asylum, the dockyard, graving docks and the naval and military hospitals.

Available Books


Image Name
Pass at St. Alepo, between Messina and Taorminum
Cubillario on the Appenines
View of Castiglione from Villa Franca
View of Algercerias
The Rock of Gibraltar from the San Roque Road
Palazzo di Aqua viva, near Lago
Outline of Situation at Taorminum and Mola
Inside of a Cavern near Syracuse
Front Cover
Fort Gonzago, and Country behind Messina
Map of Sicily
Monte Pellegrino, Palermo
Scaletta Profile
View in Gibraltar taken from the Naval Hospital
The Castle and Town of Ischia
Grand Parade, Mahon
View on the Lago di Guarda
Gibraltar. From the ruins of Fort St Philip
Entrance to the Spanish Church, Gibraltar
Wind Mill Hill, Gibraltar
Title Page - View of Ceuta
Caiffe and Mount Carmel
Gibraltar. From the New Mole, looking South
Val Ombrosa, on the Appenines
Inside of a Gallery, Gibraltar
Distant view of Etna, from the Sea, opposite Catania
View of the Rock of Gibraltar
The Bay of Fournells
Gibraltar. From the North Bastion
Auction Square at Gibraltar
Grand Canal and the Rialto, Venice
Caverns near Syracuse
Gibraltar. From the New Mole Fort looking North
View of Murat's Camp & Flotilla in Calabria, with a division of British Gun Boats standing across to attack
The Mediterranean Battery
Title Page
View of the Rock of Gibraltar from Sandy Bay
View of the Procession of the Sacred Camel preparatory to the Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina
The Pharos at Alexandria
The Wellington Bust, Alameda Gardens
Winter view of Etna, from near Melazzo
St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar
Volcano, from the Hill near the Ancient Baths at Lipari
Convent of St. Martin near Palermo
View of the Old Cairo opposite Mokkias towards Boulac
Agriculture in Syria
Plan of the Bay, Rock & Town of Gibraltar [and small view inside St. Michael's Cave]
The Commercial Square, Commercial Library, and the Main Guard
The Great Crater of Etna
The Strait of Messina
Gibraltar. Governor's Cottage, Europa
Hassan Bey's Palace at Rhodes
Illustrated Title Page - Statue of Lord Heathfield in the Alameda Gardens
Topographical Outline of Aetna
Grand Place, at Syracuse
Landing Place at Syracuse
Southport and Prince Edward's Gates
Topographical Outline of Aetna on the Lingua Grofsa Side
Flying Bridge on the Po
Franca Villa and the Battle between the Spaniards and the Austrians in 1719
Europa Pass
The Alameda. Trooping the Guards
View of the Grand Procession of the Sacred Camel through the Streets of Cairo on their Pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina
View at Lago, in the Island of Ischia
Interior of Poca Roca Cave
The Upper Room of the Gibraltar Garrison Library
Title Page
Cape St. Vincent
Catania & Etna from Biscari Garden
Inhabitants of Minorca
A Street in Caiffe
Mount Pelegrino, near Palermo
Castle of Lipari
Garden and Monastery of the Capuchins near Syracuse
Title Page
Distant View of the Ancient Temple of Segesta
Catania & Mount Etna
Gibraltar. North from South Bastion
Scylla, on the Coast of Calabria
Curious Cemetery under the Capuchin Monastery, near Syracuse
St. Michael's Cave
Title Page - View on the Coast off Tindari [Vignette]
The Victoria Battery
Temple of Minerva, Syracuse
The Bay of Acre, from the top of Carmel
Entrance into Dionysius' Ear
Profile Volcano
The Saluting Battery, Line Wall. Mons Abyla in the distance


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