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Assam (?s-s?m?), a province of British India, situated north of Burma in the valley of the Brahmaputra, acquired by the British in the Burmese War in 1824, and now under the jurisdiction of a British Chief Commissioner. Its area, still largely covered with jungle, in which roam elephants, tigers, leopards and other wild beasts, is 49,004 square miles in extent, with a population, chiefly Hindus and Mohammedans, of about five and a half million.

Assam has a heavy annual rainfall, with a climate of moderate temperature; the region, however, is subject to earthquakes. Its chief exports embrace tea, rice, rubber, silk, cotton, ivory and gold; it has also much coal; while petroleum and iron, though as yet undeveloped, are known to exist. In the higher elevations there is much timber. The soil in the valleys and along its chief river, the Brahmaputra, is very fertile, though the excessive rains inundate the land and at seasons imperil the tea-plantations and the rice crop.


See Cumming’s With the Jungle Folk and Hunter’s Statistical Account of Assam; also Bronson’s Dictionary in Assamese and English.

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)

Available Books


Image Name
Village of Mangeldai in Assam
Part II Colored Wrapper
The Valley of the Yarkand River Downwards from Dera Bullu in Turkistan
Statistics of Assam
The Salt Lake Tso Mitbal in Pangkong Tibet
Routes in High Asia
The Drift Sands in the Interior of the Sindh Sager Duab Panjab
Central Assam and the Brahmaputra Jungles from Ogri Hill near Tezpur
The Summit of Kanchinjinga in the Himalaya of Sikkim
The Jhilum or Behut in the Panjab
Panorama Profiles [III]
Panorama Profiles [VI]
Cheingtanjing, Booteah Rajah / Gelae, Booteah Rajah
The Salt Lake Tsomognalari in Pangkong Western Tibet
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [III]
Angamee Naga Warrior
The Salt Lake Tsomoriri in Rupchu Western Tibet
he Bias Between Amritsar and Jalander Panjab
Gaurisankar or Mount Everest in the Himalaya of Nepal
(1) Vampire of Fox Bat (2) Tiger Beetle of Assam (3) Hercules Beetle of Assam
A Dufflah / A Dufflah Chief's Widow / A Dufflah Chief
(1) Mangoe Fly (2) Queen (or Arrindy) Silkworm of Assam (3) Long Horned Beetle
(1-2) Leaf Insect of Assam (male & female) (3) Saiknah Caterpillar (butterfly)
Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [III]
Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [II]
Part III Colored Wrapper
The Flats of the Hiron Valley from the Barer Plateau near Kattingi Central India
The Summit of Parisnath in Bahar
The Peaks and Glaciers of the Sasser Pass in Nuba Tibet [II]
Index Map of Routes
Panorama of the Lake and the Gardens near Srinagar Kashmir Southern Aspect
Naga Mode of Disposing of the Dead on a Bier or Platform
Cheegee Kuppachor Akha, brother of the Tagee Rajah / Kuppachor Akha, Tagee Rajah
The Peaks and Glaciers of the Sasser Pass in Nuba Tibet [I]
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [IV]
Panorama Profiles [VII]
Panorama Profiles [V]
The Satlej Valley and the Environs of Rampur in the Western Himalaya
The Kunda Range in the Nilgiris Southern India
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [I]
The Salt Lake Kiuk Kiol in the Karakash Valley Turkistan
Interior of the Buddhistic Temple of the Monastery Mangnang in Gnari Khorsum
The Ganges near Patna Western Bengal
The Chain of the Kuenluen from Sumgal in Turkistan
Alluvial Deposits in the Brahmaputra Above Rakusni Hill Assam
Panorama Profiles [I] the Himalaya of Bhutan Sikkim and Nepal
A Booteah Servant
The Chorkonda Glacier in Balti Tibet
Panorama Profiles [II]
Magnetic Survey of India and High Asia [I]
Illustrations of the Meterology of India and High Asia [II]
Back Cover
Title Page
Colored Wrapper Front Cover
Fort and Lines of Udelguri in the Province of Darrang Assam
Leh the Capital of Ladak in Western Tibet
Title Page
Panorama Profiles [IV]
The Buddhist Monastery Himis near Leh in Ladak
Omanund Island opposite Gowahatty
Part IV Colored Wrapper
Buffalo Heads in Assam
Buffalo Shooting in Assam
An Assamese Gentleman and A Meree Woman
Panorama of the Lake and the Gardens near Srinagar Kashmir Northern Aspect
Cane Suspension Bridge Over the Temshang River in the Khassia Hills
Alluvial High Ground On the Western Border of the Sindh Sager Duab Panjab
Garrow Warrior
Facsimile of a Bhutia Map
The Salt Lake Tso Gam in Eastern Ladak Tibet
The Mahanadi River in the Rainy Season Central Bengal
The Jhils of Bengal at High Water
List of the Last Kings of Assam
Palm Grove and Singhalese Habitations near Galle Ceylon


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