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Alps, the largest and highest mountains in Europe. The average height of the central chain is 7,700 feet, a region where snow never melts, while several hundred peaks rise still higher. From these snow-capped mountains the avalanches rush down, sweeping along snow, rocks, forests and even villages. Here, also, in the valleys between the peaks, gather the huge masses of snow which form the long streams of ice called glaciers.

The most beautiful of these glaciers is the Mer de Glace. The highest peak is Mt. Blanc, 15,732 feet in height; though Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and several others are almost as high. There are some sixteen great passes over the Alps. Famous marches have been made over them by large armies: Hannibal's march was through the Little St. Bernard Pass and Napoleon's through the Great St. Bernard.

Bridges, terraces and long galleries have been built of stone to give protection against avalanches and whirlwinds. Places of shelter from storms, called hospices, have also been erected, where huge St. Bernard dogs are kept to help in searching for unfortunate wanderers who may be lost in the snow. The Alps are now pierced by four railroad tunnels, the Arlberg, Mt. Cenis, Mt. St. Gothard and Simplon.

The scenery of the Alps is famous for its grandeur, and every season the mountains are so crowded with tourists that the Alps have been called "the play-ground of Europe." Of the many objects of grandeur or beauty, the most famous are Mt. Blanc and the Valley of the Chamouni. Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Bavaria share in the possession of the Alps.


The New Student's Reference Work (1914)

Available Books


Image Name
The Chateau of Henri Quatre at Pau
On the Lake of Geneva
View from the Promenade at St Sauveur
Storm Clouds over the Lake of Thun
Mont Cervin (from above Zermatt), Sunset
The Blumlisalp from Kandersteg
Zmutt-Gletscher am Fuss des Matterhorns
Erster Upsrung des Hinter Rheins
The Castle and part of the Valley of Luz
Illustrated Title Page
A view of the Jungfrau
Looking down the Val Formazza from Tosa
Pallanza - Evening
The Pier at Seherzligen, Lake of Thun - Evening
Back Cover
Moonlight in the Val Formazzafrom the Tosa Falls
The Blumlisalp from the Oeschinengrat
Troyes Cathedral
In the Val d'Aosta
The Dent Blanche from the Riffelberg
Cirque of the Croda Malcora, near Cortina
In a Garden at Locarno
Evelyn from a Photograph by Francis Early Worcester - 1867
Caswell Bay from Caswell Road
Approach to Saint Sauveur
The Matterhorn
Falls of the Madesimo
Bains de Loueche and Leuck Bad
View of the Bernese Alps from the Gurten, near Bern
Title Page
Map to Illustrate the Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland and Italy
Aiguille Verte and Aiguille du Dru from the Chamonix Valley
Saas Grat and the Fletschhorn
View from the Chalet de Villard
View of the Glaciers of Grindelwald
View of the Village of Brienz
Front Cover
Campo Dolcino
Boden and Gorner
View near Thun
The Monte Rosa Chain
Weisshorn and Matterhorn from Fiescheralp
Astley Church
The Village of Soldimo, at the Entrance of the Val Maggia
Town Hall, Basle
The Severn Peaks of the Blumlisalp
Marjelen See and Great Aletsch Glacier
Bridge of Sia
The Giessbach
Asconia - on Lago Maggiore
The Castle of Zahringen-Kyburg, Thun
Furggen Glacier Icefall
Title Page
Bath of La Ralliere, looking towards Cauterets
Lake Near the Grimsel Hospice
The Trugberg
Illustrated Title Page
Cloud-burst over Lucerne
Village of St Marie in the Valley of Campan
Locarno from the Banks of the Lake
Back Cover
Panorama from the Little Doldenhorn towards the East
After the Sunset
Pallanza - Sunset
The Castle of Lourdes
Castello Pietra, Primiero
Montreux, Lake of Geneva
Storm coming up over Lake of Lucerne
Map of Monte Rosa
Looking over Lucerne from the Drei Linden
Distant Mountains of the Pyrenees as seen from Villeneuve de Marsan
The Finsteraar Horn from the South-East
Looking down the Aletsch Glacier from Concordia Hut
The Rigi from Lucerne
Monte-Rosa von der Pedriolo Alpe [I]
Cascades & Village of Grip
Village of Pierre-Fitte
View of Unterseen
Francis Ridley Havergal
Karte des Hochgebirge von Grindelwald
Ascent of the Schwarze Glacier
Chatillon, Val d'Aosta
Tells Chapel
The Jungfrau from Interlaken


Map Name
The Dolomite Mountains - Map of the South Eastern Alps Showing the Routes Followed by the Authors (1864)
Picturesque Tour through the Oberland - Glaciers of the Canton of Berne (1823)
The Doldenhorn and Weisse Frau - Map of the Blumlisalp and Doldenhorn Group (1863)
Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland and Italy - Map to Illustrate the Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland and Italy (1871)
Das Hochgebirge von Grindelwald - Karte des Hochgebirge von Grindelwald (1865)
The Dolomite Mountains - Geological Map of the District of Predazzo, St. Cassian and the Seisser Alp (1864)
A Lady's Tour Round Monte Rosa - Map of Monte Rosa (1859)


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