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<img src="" alt="View of Tassisudon from Views in Bootan (1813)" />


This engraving by William Daniell was made from an original drawing by Samuel Davis and became plate 2 in their book, 'Views in Bootan'. Davis was a member of the regiment of Captain Turner, which was sent on a deputation to Tibet in 1783 by the Governor General in Bengal, Warren Hastings. Turner wrote an account of his mission, published in 1800, illustrated with a few drawings by Davis.

This view shows the house where the British detachment was lodged, "simple, unostentatious but clean and commodious". Its projecting balconies were secured from the cold by Bhutanese woollen cloth and used as sleeping apartments, with a fine view of the Thimphu river valley. The rapidly flowing river was apt to swell in the rainy season, necessitating the shoring up of the embankments.

In the sketch the Tashicho Dzong is partly obscured by a peach tree. The bridge led to a meadow ornamented by willows planted in neat rows, where priests from the Dzong (two of whom are seen in their red wool robes) gathered for ceremonies and recreation.

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