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Our collection of available images includes woodcuts, paintings, lithographs, aquatints, chromolithographs and many more types of illustrations. As more images are added as part of books and other works they will become available here to viewed in their entirety.

All of the images in our collections are generally in the public domain so feel free to use these images for projects as needed.

You can check out our collection of globes here.

High-resolution files of certain images are available for subscribers and upon successful subscription a form will appear to let you request individual items. Prints are also available for purchase as well in various sizes. This service is not available right now but is coming soon.

View all of the available images in our collections below. Click the image to view the work an image is taken from or to get more information about an individual item. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
Lord Clive
Title Page
VI. Petersbourg
Maronite Girl of the Lebanon
The Marabout’s Tomb in the Souk-des-Selliers, Tunis
A chart of the Southern Extremity of Africa
Plate 16
La Casa dei Vettii, Pompeii
A Licence from Charles I to the Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading to the East Indies
La Calle de Roldan y su Desembarcadero
A Female playing on the Tumboora
Title Page
Le Paon, l'Elephant, le Tigre
Date Palms near Marrakesh
The Watling Tavern and St. Mary Aldermary
Windsor Castle
Dept. De La Drome
Head of a Unicorn, killed near the City of Mashow
LXXXVIII. Noces de village des paysans de l'Autriche, et leurs danses
St. Irene, Constantinople
Glimpse of Farringford from the Upper Lawn
Marcus Nonius Balbus the elder (marble)
North of Howe Sound
The Gale off the Port of Balaklava. 14th Nov. 1854.
Back Cover
32. Drury Lane Theatre.
Sandridge, Victoria
La Princesse Helene S
Christ Church Gate
Boutique de barbier
3ème Expedition - Planche XVI
Violins - The Alard Stradivarius, The King Joseph Guarnerius Del Gesu
An Old Clock formerly belonging to the Company
Exit of the Yellowstone from the Mountains
Church Entrance to the Dhurumtolla
National Exhibit of Crane and Co.
LXXXV. Edifices, de Leon Baptiste Alberti, de Bramante
Sacred Tank and Pagoda near Benares
Close Quarters
A Courtyard, Seville
Division 4, Part 3 Wrapper
XXVII. The Octagonal Tank (Verinag Bagh)*
Apendice - Lamina 4
A Bank of White Heather
The Palace of Varied Industries
Colored Wrapper
Grosse Tete, Mont Fiquet, Jersey
Map of India
34th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse
Harbour of Bucoleon, Constantinople
CVII. Persee, Paris, Groupe de Mars et Venus etc.
Theater des Marcellus in Rom
Het Licht Op Den Kandelaar
Castle Williams from the Battery
Interior of the Temple Church
The Islands of New Zealand
In Old Fort Pickens
Plate III
A Hot Day in the Batteries.
Ariatas Methodist Chapel at San Vicente, Chicolopam
Aqueduct near the City of Tripoly
Marienberg Misniae Civitas
Derviche charlatan persan
Sketch Map of Cornwall
Ahi Atoll
In the Cafe Armenonville in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Natural History Drawings IV
Jeffery Hale Memorial Hospital
Pagodas at Mahabalipuram
Map of the Gjendin Lake and Surrounding Mountains
St. Mary's R.C. Church
The Dining Room, Frogmore
The Last Glow
Rice Paddy
A Money-changer
Scone Palace
Title Page
Battle of Germantown
Naturels du Canada
Portage Below the Little Falls
The Goat herd from Mediunah
A sunk Butt
H.M.S. Theseus
Chamber of Commerce Building
Front Cover
Prickly Pear Canyon
Back Cover
The West of Port Louis from the Harbour
Tomb in the Northern Necropolis
3ème Expedition - Planche IV
History Archive - Location

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