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History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
The Derwent, High Tor, Matlock
Indian Graves
Natives of Port Nicholson (4 figs)
Temple of the God Rediculus
Details of a Temple Doorway at Bhatgaon
Blaauwberg and Head of Table Bay
Appuldurcombe Pk. Lord Yarborough's
XXX. Autels et candelabres
Old Walls, Ventimiglia, and Church of S. Michele
Snuff Box
Lake Shore Drive
Matsushima - A Land Locked Bay Studded with Hundreds of Pine Clad Islets
The Swing
Retz (V.U.M.B. in Nied-Osterr)
One of the Earliest Excavations
Two Ecuelles and Vase
A Typical Mining Scene, Yavapai County, Arizona
Entierro del Cacique Cathiji en Guaneque Mayo, 1835
Back Cover
White Cloud Falls, Cascade Lake
Title Page
The Cross, Melrose
The Eastern Portico of the Erechtheum viewed from the Northern Peristyle of the Parthenon
Possession Bay to Cape Fanshawe N. 86&176; W.
Ponte Nomentano
Capture of Oporto in 1809.
Department of Public Comfort
Bayham Abbey
The Mill Cottages at Sutton Poyntz, near Weymouth. The
The Dutch Garden, Kensington Palace
Convoi Funèbre d'un fils de Roi Negre
Front Cover
Colintraive, Kyles of Bute
Pulborough Marsh
Birman Woongee and Lady
The Town of Dixan in Abyssinia
San Antonio de Padua
La Chichera
Back Cover
Richmond Street, looking North from the Grand Trunk Railway Station, London, Canada
Castle of the Pescara, Ischia
Helensburgh, from the Golf Links
The Medway, Maidstone, Kent
A Hindoo Place of Worship
Decoration of an Apartment by John Thomas, London
On the Kyouk-mee-Choung
Washoe indians at Lake Tahoe
Vue prise du Meggenhorn
Le Khedive
Rajput Regiments
Jewish Marriage
Precious Metal-work
Kafir Kraal near the Umlazi River, Natal
Walls of Tiryns
Old Bridge at Lostwithiel
Methuselah, Canterbury, originally in choir clerestory. Twelfth century
The Fountain of Capua
LVI. Costume de l'Empereur, de l'Imperatrice, du grand Chambellan etc.
Sketch of the Mountains of Adowa
Virgin and Child. Botticelli (National Gallery)
Kilmorie Meadfoot, Torquay
The Gnoo
Pehriska-Ruhpa, Mönnitarri Krieger im Auzuge des Hundetanzes. / Pehriska-Ruhpa, guerrier Moennitarri costume pour la Danse du Chien. / Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri warrior in the costume of the Dog dance.
Couvens de Talapoins
Illustrated Title Page
The Hea Hills, near Chaou-king-foo
The Usual Walking Costume of Lima
The Mosque of Orta Hissar, Trebizond - Plan
Vue générale de la Ville de Rio de Janeiro prise du Couvent de St. Bento
Natural History Plate
Cordova. The Bridge
Castanowiz Civitiae Propugnaculum
Constantinople from the Golden Horn
A Country Inn
Carlingford Lough
A Korah Hottentot Village on the Left Bank of the Orange River
In the Place de Theatre Francais, Paris
Vieux Homme et Enfant. Ghirlandaio (Louvre) From a Photograph by Mansell
Mounts Aberdeen, Lefroy, and Victoria, on Lake Louise
Pretos de Ganho
Chief-justice John Marshall
Corner of State and Madison Streets, Chicago
The Farm of La Belle Alliance, and the Mound surmounted by the Belgian Lion, Waterloo
Grand chalet
Otsego Lake
The Banquet Hall, Chateau des Comtes, Ghent
Boating Club Houses
Quinta do Til
Cavalry Command (I)
Title Page
History Archive - Location

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