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Our collection of available images includes woodcuts, paintings, lithographs, aquatints, chromolithographs and many more types of illustrations. As more images are added as part of books and other works they will become available here to viewed in their entirety. All of the images in our collections are generally in the public domain so feel free to use these images for projects as needed.

High-resolution files of certain images are available for subscribers and upon successful subscription a form will appear to let you request individual items. Prints are also available for purchase as well in various sizes. This service is not available right now but is coming soon.

View all of the available images in our collections below. Click the image to view the work an image is taken from or to get more information about an individual item. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

Image Name
Lauwerbladen uit Neerlands Gloriekrans - Het Licht Op Den Kandelaar (1875)
Bruges and West Flanders, Painted and Described - (1906)
The Peaks & Valleys of the Alps - Winter (1868)
Japan : A Record in Colour - Street of Pink Lanterns (1901)
 - Cabanes ()
Canadian Scenery Illustrated: Volume 2 - View over Lake Memphremagog (from the Sugar Loaf). (1865)
Views in Egypt - Title Page (1801)
India by Mortimer Menpes - A Street Corner, Peshawur (1905)
The Seat of War in the East Vol. 2 - Cavalry Camp, 9th July 1855. (1856)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Amerique] Vol. 1 - Le Chimborazzo vue du plateau de Tapia (1820)
Guide to the Beauties of Glyn Neath - Aberpergwm (1835)
Views in India, China, and on the Shores of the Red Sea - Bejapore (1835)
Old England Vol. 1 - Choir of Ely Cathedral (1845)
Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea - Natural History Drawings of Fish II (1823)
The Flowers and Gardens of Madeira - Loo Rock, Funchal (1909)
Byzantine Architecture - Mosaic Pavements [I] (1864)
The West Indies, Painted and Described - An Old Woman (1905)
The Campaign in the Crimea [Series I] - Prince Woronzoff's Palace, near Yalta, on the South Coast of the Crimea (1855)
Pompei - View 29 (1840)
Viaje Pintoresco y Arqueolojico de la Republica Mejicana - Gente de Tierra Caliente entre Papantla y Misantla (1840)
A Voyage to Cochinchina - Porto Praya in the Island of St. Jago (1806)
Das Pittoreske Oesterreich - Wadowicer Kreis Goralen and Lachen (1840)
Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mission Vol. 2 - Interview between the Earl of Elgin & the Prime Ministers of Japan (1859)
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 3 - Leevwaerden et Franicker (1581)
The People of Egypt - Of the Imperial Cadet Corps (1910)
Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America - Portrait of Cul-chil-lum with Medicine Cap (1859)
Artistic Colored Views of Oxford - The River Cherwell from the Parks, Oxford (1900)
Antiquites Mexicaines - 1er Expedition - Planche XXX (1844)
The Flowers and Gardens of Madeira - Almond Blossom (1909)
Liege and the Ardennes, Painted and Described - (1908)
Birds of Britain - Fieldfare (1907)
The Theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain - Penbrokshyre (1676)
Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America - Map to Illustrate Mr. Kane's Travels in the Territory of the Hudson's Bay Company (1859)
Atlas de Historia fisica y Politica de Chile Vol. 1 - Natural History Plate (1854)
History of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene - Cyrene - Plan of a Temple to the S.W. of the Temple of Bacchus (1864)
North American Indians Vol. 2 - Fig. 258 (1926)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 3, Pt. 2 - LX. Jean Galeas qui fait batir la Chartreuse pres Pavie (1823)
Souvenir of Chicago in Colors - (1910)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Asie] Vol. 1 - Empereurs et mandarins avec leur ancien habillement (1815)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 1, Pt. 1 - XLV. Maniere de monter a cheval [II] (1817)
Canadian Scenery Illustrated: Volume 2 - St. John and Portland, New Brunswick (1865)
Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Bresil Vol. 2 - Fours a Chaux (1835)
A Picturesque Representation of the Russians Vol. 2 - Lighters (1804)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 4 - LIII. Monument des bateliers de Paris (1824)
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia Vols. 1 & 2 - Sidon, from the North (1855)
Reconnoitring in Abyssinia - Wangaboo Plain and Galata Jungle (1870)
Sketches on the Nipisaguit - Title Page (1860)
Voyage dans l'Interieur de l'Amerique du Nord Atlas - Mih-Tutta-Hangkusch, Mandan Dorf. / Mih-Tutta-Hangkusch, village Mandan. / Mih-Tutta-Hangjusch, a Mandan village. (1840)
Centennial Portfolio - Glass Exhibition Building (1876)
Historic Ships - The Great Harry 1488 (1926)
Picturesque Views on the River Niger - Views on the Nun Branch of the River Niger [II] (1840)
Sicily, Painted and Described - Castle of Monte San Giuliano (1911)
Morocco, Painted and Described - A Veranda at Magazan (1904)
The Italian Lakes, Painted and Described - (1912)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 2 - LVII. Gladiateurs et histrions (1820)
Narrative, of a Five Years Expedition Vol. 2 - The Execution of Breaking on the Rack (1796)
Souvenir of Chicago in Colors - (1910)
Canada, Painted and Described - Burial-Ground of Siwash Indians (1907)
Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage Vol. 2 - Kanayoke (1835)
Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America - Group of Six Indian Chiefs (1859)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Asie] Vol. 1 - L'Empereur Kien-Lung porte en triomphe (1815)
Naples, Painted and Described - (1904)
Porte-Feuille Geographique et Ethnographique [Atlas] - Carte politique de la Turquie (1820)
Utazas Kalifornia deli Reszeiben - Kaliforniai havasi jut (1860)
Picturesque Nepal - Elephant outside the Southern Entrance to the Temple of Changu-Narain (1912)
Views of Cintra - Dedication (1830)
Hungary, Painted and Described - (1909)
The Martial Achievements of Great Britain - Battle of the Pyrenees, July 28th 1813 (1815)
Voyage Pittoresque dans le Bresil - Grottes pres de St. Joze (1835)
Six Views of Gibraltar and its Neighbourhood - View in Gibraltar taken from the Naval Hospital (1825)
Civitates Orbis Terrarum Vol. 1 - Hierosolyma Or Jerusalem (1572)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Amerique] Vol. 2 - Clemence de Mayta-Capac (1821)
Japan : A Record in Colour - Stencil-makers (1901)
Geographie Vivante, ou, Tableaux Raisonnes - Insulaires de Ceylan (1821)
Japan : A Record in Colour - Sun and Lanterns (1901)
Recueil de Cent Estampes Representant Differentes Nations du Levant - Filled Turques qui jouent au Mangala (1714)
Tertiary History of the Grand Canon [Atlas] - Display (1882)
Battles of the United States Vol. II - General Wool (1858)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 4 - XLVIII. Pierre precieuse, dite Augustea, du Musee imperial de Vienne (1824)
Tibet and Nepal, Painted and Described - A Sea of Mist (1905)
History of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene - Interior of a Tomb in the Northern Necropolis of Cyrene (1864)
Atlas National Illustre - Dept. De L'Ain (1856)
Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey - Title Page (1823)
Picturesque Nepal - A Copper-gilt Shrine at the Temple of Shambunath (1912)
Venice, by Mortimer Menpes - Off the Giudecca (1904)
A Sketch of Assam - Cheegee Kuppachor Akha, brother of the Tagee Rajah / Kuppachor Akha, Tagee Rajah (1847)
American Scenery Vol. II - View from Glenmary Lawn (on the Owego) (1840)
Voyage des Souverains du Canal du Suez - Entree des Souverains dans le Canal de Suez a Port Said (1870)
The History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's Westminster Vol. 2 - Chapel of St. Andrew (1812)
Drei Jahre in Sud-Afrika - Die Drakensberge vom Fufse des Bezuidenhouts Pass Gesehen (1868)
Le Costume Ancien et Moderne [Europe] Vol. 6 - VII. Alfred et Edgard (1827)
Asiatic Costumes - A Gardener (1828)
Journal of a Residence in the Burmhan Empire - Back Cover (1821)
The Character of the Russians and a Detailed History of Moscow - Views and Plans of a Russian Banya or Vapour Bath (1823)
Views in Egypt - A Bedoween Man and Woman (1801)
Souvenir of San Francisco, California - (1914)
History of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene - Back Cover (1864)
Travels in the Island of Iceland - Natural Arch on the Coast Near Stappen (1811)
Dickinsons' Great Exhibition of 1851 - India No. 5 (1852)
Norway, Painted and Described - Skjaeggedalsfos, Hardanger (1905)