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History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
The Alligator or Cayman of Surinam
Great Tit
Mt. Shasta: Every Cliff and Crag
Title Page
Rotterdam et Govde
Dept. De La Hte. Vienne
A View of the bridge at Jionpoor over the River Goomty
Aiguille Verte and Aiguille du Dru from the Chamonix Valley
Academy of Science, Lincoln Park
The Punishment of the Bastinado
Day of All Souls, in the Convent of St. Joao de Deos.
Elephants Destroying a Palm Grove
The Galerie des Glaces at Versailles
Ruins of Neath Castle
Plano de la Bahia de Talcahuano
In Glenfinlas, Perthshire
Pt. XLVII - Trois terres cuites
The Old South Church
Book Display (I)
R.M.S.P. : Present Day
Hottentots Boschismans
2ème Expedition - Planche XXIII
Peckforton Castle
The Roadstead from the Tete de Flandre, Antwerp
In the Rock Garden
The Manati, or Sea Cow of Guiana
Terrace of the Palazzo Ruffolo, Ravello
Habitants des sles Sandwich
British Ship of the Line 1610
Decorated vase from Indian graves
Front Cover
Jerusalem with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Na-mas or the Little Sturgeon, a Chippeway Chief
The "General Armstrong" Repels the English Boats
Assar Mahal, Beejapore
&34;Getting the Wind&34;
Hercule vendu a Onphale
XXXIX. Cascade de Pursovonka sur la riviere Alten
Sea-Coast near Lagos, and the Battery called O Pinhao Algarve
Merton College Library, Oxford
In the Cordoba Hills
The Oxford and Opposition Coaches
The Sanctuary at Karnak
Crawford Notch, from Elephant's Head
A view near the city of Lin-tsin
LXXXIII. Plan inferieur et superieur de la meme
The "Elsass" of the German Navy
99. Military College, Chelsea.
An Old Mordvine Woman of the Mokshan Tribe
Triumphal Arch at Latachia
Title Page
A Cairene Cafe
Te Henheu's Old Pah of Waitahanui, at Taupo Lake
A Female Schaman
The Souk-des-Etoffes, Tunis
The "Berceau," Het Loo
General Front View of the Kremle
Rain effect over the Dead Sea and Jericho
Hussein Sheikh of the Alouins
Prince ou chefs de la nation etc
Thames at Richmond, Surrey
The Temples of Aboo-Simbel, from the Nile
Maison de campagne (genre suisse)
Walls at Setium [I]
III. Vue de Richmond-Hill
Salt Lake and Chocolate Hill
Transport de Tuiles
Plateau Dieng
The Cuttus Minar in the Ruins of Ancient Delhi
The Green Pavilion, Frogmore
124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry
Porteurs d'Eau
Erechtheum in Athen
Miyajima - A Celebrated Island in the Inland Sea
Holme Lacy
A Fortified Pass. Colonel Wetherall Advancing to the Capture of Saint-Charles
Ancient Tombs, Amoy
Among the Redwoods of the Great Twin Valleys
Durham - Interior of Cathedral Looking Across the Nave into the South Transept
Vue de Tunis, prise de la Kasbah
La Pensée. Rodin (Luxembourg) From a Photograph by Neurdein
A Street in St. Malo
Columbia Highway near Eagle Creek
Burton Corner House
Fingle Bridge
Wilkesbarre (Vale of Wyoming)
Title Page
Drepanis funerea
View near Honoruru, Oahu
Entrance to the Mosque of Sidi, Abd-er-rahman
Lippe et Dortmvnd
Manco Capac et la Reine Coya-Mama-Oello rassemblent les sauvages
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