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History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
Girl's Head. Ecole de Fabriano (Louvre) From a Photograph by Mansell
Lake Alumeni District : Rapids near Moquhue
Gerf Husein
Old Don
Pereezd po naledi po traktu v Okhotsk
Datura, Quinta Vigia
Back Cover
Lion-Hunting by Water
Channel Islands Scilly Islands and Isle of Man
View of Nuneham, from the wood
Course of the River Medway
Bonze, Bonzesse
Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe
One Type of Electric Locomotive
The Cemetery, Santa Barbara Mission
A Kabardinian
General Hospital
North East Area
H.R.H the Duke of Edinburgh Landing at the Knysna
The village of Almandrel, in the bay of Valparaiso, with a distant view of the Andes
The Mouth of the River St. Croix
A Sentinel of the Rockies
The Town of Rampore
Das Verlassen des Eises Gezeichnet von Ed Orel
Lemco Schoolhouse : Colon
Mount Kater, Hermite Island
General View of Circaei
A Fell Fox-hunt, Head of Eskdale and Scawfell
Vegetable Market, Bruges
The Ponte di Paglia and the Bridge of Sighs, with a corner of the Doges' Palace and the Prison
Title Page
View from the Bluff, Thousand Islands
Map of Rio de Janeiro
Plan of the Ruins of Axum
Possession Bay to Cape Fanshawe N. 86&176; W.
No. 37. Vue du village de Tarapia, sur la rive européenne du Bosphore
Ville de Litakou
Eastern Hemisphere
Natural Arch, Torquay
A Toy-shop
The Lost Channel, Thousand Islands
Strathcona Bridge
The Cloister of the Cathedral of Cefalu.
XXIX. Danse du Bolero et costumes du peuple de Grenade
Precious Metal-work
Station and Dock
Old-Fashioned Farm, New Brunswick
A Surprise in the Jungle
A Married Woman of Waldai
Kaskaia / Shienne Chief / Awappaho
An Old Farm, near Leith Hill
Meissen from the East
Hôtel de Cluni
The Taj Mehal
View II
Portraits of the Aboriginal Inhabitants
Fort Nicholas
Ruines byzantines
A Female Yakouti
Interior de la Alameda de Mexico (I)
A French Dragoon
Interior of a Theatre
Ange revenant de la procession Un domestique Negre rapportant la palme de son maitre, le dimanche des rameaux
Burning of Savannah
Tolte Gorge, Colorado
The Hungry Winter
Illustrated Title Page
Vue de l'Acropolis
Death of Sir John Moore, Jan 17, 1809
The "Peacock" and "Hornet" at Close Quarters
Title Page
Lancaster Castle: The Gateway
Qwanon Temple
Gate in the Acropolis of Pharsalia
Sketch Map of Russia
1er Expedition - Planche XIV
The Throne Room, Carlton House
The Nomad of the Australian Interior
The Pepper Stringers
Puente del Atoyac
Ansicht von Helgoland, von der Sandinsel
Ko Tauwaki, a chief of the Tukanu, Ko Teonionga, a boy of Te Rapa. Taupo Lake
Betchworth Church
A Mounted Infantry Patrol - Dinner
The Island of Serpents
Kneeling Donors, from
Perigueux from the River
Indian Wig-Wams
Tavy Cleave
A Misty Morning, Newby Bridge, Windermere
Pach-e-po, a Pottowattomie Chief. This young Chief is the son of Me-o-ne-me, a Chief who served with Gen. Harrison during the late war and was killed at the River Thames
Title Page
St. Denis
History Archive - Location

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