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History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
Buttresses of the First Christian Church and Tomb of Siga in the Reef, Sapapali, Samoa
Plate 23 - Insects
Bay of Belikeri
The Kingdome of China
Ornamental Hems of small Cotton cloths
Front Cover
Tavern at Stanley
Tropical plants. The plant named Oshour by Burckardt; Basillah; Suvaroe; Debbo; Egley
Arles from the Rhone
Specimens of Portals At Palermo, Exhibiting the Vicissitudes of Style During the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries.
Town and Fortress of Sis (Afternoon)
Title Page
Front Cover
Jerusalem from the North
Tibetan Woman using a Sling for throwing Stones
German Prince Oscar, With German Army
A Market in Acre
Campement dans le Lit du Mekong pres d'un Rapide (Keng Chan)
&34;America has declared War&34;
On the Bladnoch
Peasants of the Neighbourhood of Inspruck
Map of China
Lapland Sledge
Natural History Plate
Statue of Liberty
Title Page
The Bridal Veil, one of the Yosemite's sky-pouring waterfalls
Boats in the Port at Bahia
The Desertas : Landing Provisions
View of a Summer Garden in St. Petersburg
Little Falls at Luzerne
Khoja Padshauh, a Ko-i-staun chief, with his armed retainers
Old State House
The Porcelain Tower, Nanking
The Devil Visiting a Mandingo Town
Back Cover
Pioneer Regiments
The Market Place, Nymwegen
Milton Abbey
Heaton Park
West Gate of Firoz Shah's Cotillah, Delhi
The Pelicanus Sinensis, or fishing corvorant of China
The Castle of Argyro-Castro, Albania
Carnegie Library
A Pai-loo, or Triumphal Arch
Alcacer Sal, anciently called Salacia; from the North Estramadura
Mt. Ashland's Ethered Peaks
The Upland Plover
Brantwood, Coniston Lake : Char-fishing
Plate Illustrating the Fossiliferous Oval
Liverpool: The Canning Dock
Front Cover
Snowflake IV
The Stour : Wimborne Minster in the distance
XX. L'Abbe Elfuath et l'archeveque d'York
Rock of Ages
Forest in the Papakura District, near Auckland
Trotting Horse
Coasting Vessels in the Harbour at Viareggio
The Arch Across the Ravine, Petra
11th Army Corps (II)
LIX. Dame en habit d'hiver : une autre en habit de printems ; une troisieme en habit d'ete : femme d'une class inferieure
A Russniac Woman of the Palatinate of Marmoros
Lisbon Police Guard and Armed Peasant of Algarva
The Lake of Colombo and Slave Island, from the Glacis
Fordington, Dorchester. Back of Mixen Lane in The Mayor of Casterbridge
Rafts on the Volga
Cinerarias, Achilleion, Corfu
View of the Royal Morai in the Bay of Ti-Utatua in the Island of Owehee
Rising Mist : Ribeiro do Inferno
Araucanos indigenes de Chili
Street of the Tombs
Habillement des femmes
Botanical Gardens, Orotava
The Farnese Flora
The Haunted House, New Orleans
View of Sultanpure, Kulu
The Rue de Bièvre
Blarney Castle
The French Market
The Polar Part of the Southern Hemisphere
McCloud River, Upper Sacramento Valley
Monument between Tripoli and Tortosa
Colonel Rimington and some of his Guides
Triple Bridge over the Mavrozoumenos River
Temple at Vernegue - Elevations
Dept. De L'Orne
Front Cover
Book Display I
The Golden Drawing Room, Carlton House
History Archive - Location

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