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History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
Part III Colored Wrapper
Front Cover
Habillement des femmes
Back Cover
The Time of the Plum Blossoms
Study of Mule, with Decorated Harness
Geological Map of the Western Part of the Plateau Province
Umbrellas and Commerce
Automobiling along the Truckee River
The Makka Mosque and Tombs of the Nigams at Hyderabad
XLV. Bibliotheque du Grand Visir Raghib-Pascha
Destroyer Manoeuvring
Hala Tree, Hawaiian Islands
Havelock's Column Attacking the Mutineers before Cawnpore
A Direction Post on the Highway near Rome
A Side Canal
Day of All Souls, in the Convent of St. Joao de Deos.
The Villa d'Este, Rome
Hôtel de Ville
Statement of Edward Davis, who sailed home with Kidd, concerning the landing of the treasure and goods
Chasse aux papillons
Washington's Mansion, Mount Vernon, VA
Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein from Coblenz Dockyard
Winnandermere Lake
Front Cover
A Bazaar
Flock of Sheep being driven from the Tahoe National Forest
Going to a Wedding - A Likeness
A Female Samoyed, in her Summer dress
Geologic Map Showing The Kanab, Paria And Marble Canon Platforms
S. Giovanni Degli Fremiti, Palermo
Habennicht – Leather-work
View of Abingdon, from Nuneham Park
Norman Staircase, King's School
Sancta Sophia, Constantinople
Battlefields, Marches and Principal Stations of the Second Regiment of Dragoons
Beeches in Autumn, near Godalming
Barburdar, or Fan-bearer
The Banquet Hall, Chateau des Comtes, Ghent
Torquay from the Bay
A Vaudoise : Summer
Father Valverde Addresses the Inca Atahnalpa
Gateway in the Generalife Gardens, Granada
India No. 2
12th Army Corps (I)
Jeune fille de Palenque dans la province de Yacatan
The Marjelen See
A Cairo Street
Musoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad
Palm Grove and Singhalese Habitations near Galle Ceylon
Habillement du Rajah de Tanjaour
The Jacaranda
Kalu-Keme, the open Water of the Tsad
Yedo Forts
Habillement des Formosiens
Trat: 1 - Lamina 11
Title Page
A Corner in the Dining-room
Dept. De Maine et Loire
Sepulchral Grots at the Head of the Harbour of Cacamo
Pyramid of the Sun or of San de Teotihuacan
Niton Church
View, Island of Pulo Leat
Kaiser Franz-Josephs Fjord
Drinking Vessel of Rhinoceros Horn in the shape of a Shell
Back Cover
Vue de la Place d'Armes ou Plein; a droite, la forteresse Zelandia, au milieu le palais du gouverneur; a gauche, le Palais de Justice
Natural History Plate
Children of Te Pakaru, the chief of Kawhia
Riclily ornamented Woollen Dress
Santiago de Compostela. The Cathedral from the North-east
Drake's Party Attacked by the Patagonians
Ruine von Bauten auf Strongs-Island
A Busy Bazaar in Delhi
The Beach - Westward Ho
The Letter-Writer, Cairo
A Spanish Planter of Porto Rico Luxuriating in his Hammock
The Ramesseum at Thebes
Gloucester - The Cathedral and Old Parliament House
An Assamese Gentleman and A Meree Woman
St. Dogmael's Priory
Westonbirt House
The Sugar Mills at Belaspore
Zabata Nor, Mongolia
Interior of the Louvre, Hall of the Caryatides
Emmaus auf St. Jan
Ecuries et Remises du Chateau de St. Priest
Portions of Stoves by Hoole, Robson, & Hoole, Sheffield. Designed by A. Stevens.
In Ste. Walburge's Church, Fumes
Contents [V]
Front Cover - Part 7
History Archive - Location

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