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Our collection of available images includes woodcuts, paintings, lithographs, aquatints, chromolithographs and many more types of illustrations. As more images are added as part of books and other works they will become available here to viewed in their entirety.

All of the images in our collections are generally in the public domain so feel free to use these images for projects as needed.

You can check out our collection of globes here.

High-resolution files of certain images are available for subscribers and upon successful subscription a form will appear to let you request individual items. Prints are also available for purchase as well in various sizes. This service is not available right now but is coming soon.

View all of the available images in our collections below. Click the image to view the work an image is taken from or to get more information about an individual item. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

History Archive - East India Company Chair
History Archive - Alexander and Diogenes Plate
History Archive - Hubert Robert Painting
Image Name
A Hungarian Peasant
Cave-in-rock, Ansicht vom Ohio. / Cave-in-rock, vue sur l'Ohio. / Cave-in-rock, view on the Ohio.
St. Helena from the Anchorage
Rue Droite a Rio Janeiro
The State Capitol at Sacramento, domed in beaten gold
An Ancient Gate of the Ruined City near Mesaloggion
Sections of the graves
A Wide Expanse of Heather seen from Great Ayton Moor
The Half Dome, Yosemite
The Bridge of Sighs, St. John's College, Cambridge
Mexicans Near the Hacienda del Valle
Houses and Yard of Sinosee, in Kurreechane
Richard Wagners Geburtshaus
Lowannas or Hindoos of Sinde / Sindean Boy
Brantwood, Coniston Lake : Char-fishing
Pianofortes by Collard & Collard, London
The Houses of Parliament and Margit Bridge, Budapest
On the Pacific Highway in Oregon
Riding Herd in the Rain
Painted Screen, St. George's Chapel
LXXXIX. Pontife avec un sac, Eveques. Pontifee n Dalmatique : Papas : Diacre
Corroboree or Dance of the Natives of New South Wales, New Holland
Maughold Church
"Vermont" and "Wawona," Mariposa Grove, California
The Market Place, Cintra
Livingstone and Oswell Reach the Zambezi at Sesheke
IX. Habillement et ornemens royaux d'Othon I.<sup>er</sup>, de Frederic Barberousse etc.
Spanish Galleon 1588
Arch of Pantani
Saal im Hause des Sallust in Pompeji
"In a Barren and Dry Land, where no Water is"
Map of Barbary
The New St. Charles Hotel
Planteurs de Surinam
The Church of the Holy Apostles, Thessalonica - Elevation
Front Cover
On the Road to Bannalec
Ruins of Orchomenos
Main Street, looking North
Evening on the Island of Vianna, Rio Harbour
Lobelia Scaevolifolia
General Public Hospital
Naul Masa Mosque
Old House of the Quai de la Goffe, Liege
The Last Drive of the Season
Sphinx Head Cave, La Jolla
Moorish Woman and Child
Curious American Bog Plants
Plate 16
Front Cover
Ptolemy's Map of Asia - III
A Group in Bronze by Vittoz, Paris
Melita, the day after she was rescued from Hanging as a witch
Mt. Shasta, the wonder of the Sacramento Valley
Usual Manner of Travelling in Hammocks
Front of the East India House, Leadenhall Street, as Rebuilt in 1796
Devisme and Others – Fire-arms
Poughkeepsie Bridge Showing Day Line Steamers
Animaux - Antelopes [I]
Jogar Capoera ou danse de la guerre
A Denizen of the Pastures
Trafalgar Square
Plan of Duke of York Bay
Lincoln - By Moonlight
Panorama de maltrata
Title Page
View of the Mountain of Devra Damo
Front Cover
Washington at Valley Forge
Esquimaux Point Looking West
The Rake's Progress(Arrested for Debt). W. Hogarth (Soane Museum)
The Exe, Topsham, Devon
Buffalo Mountain
Title Page
The Homeward Bound, off Ailsa Craig
Hill Crest, near Brockville
Lake Winnepesaukee, from the road near Laconia
The Suna Masjid, or Golden Mosque [Bara Sona Masjid]
Sudangee, or Last Offices
Europe meridionale et Afrique du nord-ouest II
Portuguese Labourers, Brazil
Inscriptions Copied by M. Lecaze and Captn. Burton
Oneonta Gorge
Front Cover
Camp Meeting Scene
Title Page
Un esclave du gouvernement charge de la proprete des rues
Castle Coole
Un Sultan sans son harem
The Home of the Peacock
Nochleg na reke Urake po Okhotskomu traktu
Nordovicum Angliae Civitas
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