William Daniell

Birth: 1769


William Daniell (1769-1837) was an English landscape-painter and the nephew of Thomas Daniell, R.A. In 1784 he accompanied his uncle to India, and there helped him with drawings and sketches. On their return in 1794 he worked upon their important publication, 'Oriental Scenery.' Between 1795 and 1838 he exhibited as many as 168 pictures at the Royal Academy and 64 at the British Institute. His earlier exhibits were Indian views, but from 1802 to 1807 he sent many views of the north of England and of Scotland.

He published 'A Picturesque Voyage to India,' 'Zoography,' in conjunction with William Wood, F.S.A., 'Animated Nature,' 1807, 'Views of London,' 1812, and 'Views of Bhootan,' 1813, from drawings by Samuel Davis, of the East India Company's service, who visited Bhootan in 1783. In 1814 Daniell began 'A Voyage round Great Britain'; this was published in four volumes in 1825. The British Institution awarded him 100l. for his sketch of the 'Battle of Trafalgar' in 1826.

He painted, together with Mr. E. T. Parris, a 'Panorama of Madras,' and afterwards, unaided, another of 'The City of Lucknow and the mode of Taming Wild Elephants.' He became a student of the Royal Academy in 1799, in 1807 was elected associate, and in 1822 a full member of that body. He died in New Camden Town 16 Aug. 1837. 'A View of the Long Walk, Windsor,' in the royal collection, is one of his best pictures. There are two examples of his work in the South Kensington collection, one of Castel Nuovo, Naples, the other of Durham Cathedral.

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