Thompson Westcott

Birth: 1820


Thompson Westcott (1820-1888) was an American author and editor. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5 June, 1820; and died there, 8 May, 1888. He was educated at the English schools of the University of Pennsylvania, studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1841. In 1846 he became law-reporter on the "Public Ledger," remaining there until 1851 and frequently acting in an editorial capacity for this journal and for the "Dollar Newspaper."

When the "Sunday Despatch" was begun in 1848 he became its editor and served until 1884. In 1863-'9 he was editor-in-chief of the "Inquirer," and he contributed to this journal until 1876. In 1884 he accepted an editorial appointment on the Philadelphia "Record," which he held for several months, after which he contributed to the "Public Ledger" and to other journals.

Mr. Westcott was the author of a "Life of John Fitch, the Inventor of the Steamboat" (Philadelphia, 1857)" "The Taxpayer's Guide " (1864)" "Names of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between the Years 1777 and 1789, with a History of the ' Test Laws' of Pennsylvania" (1865)" " The Chronicles of the Great Rebellion against the United States of America," first published in the " Old Franklin Almanac " (1867)" "Official Guide-Book of Philadelphia" (1876)" "Centennial Portfolio " (1876) . "Historic Mansions and Buildings of Philadelphia" (1877)-and, with J. Thomas Scharf, a "History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884" (3 vols., 1884) , and contributed to the "Sunday Despatch" a " History of Philadelphia from the First Settlements on the Delaware to the Consolidation in 1854."

Books & Publications

Book Title Date
Centennial Portfolio (1876) Centennial Portfolio 1876
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