Thomas Kerr Lynch

Birth: 1818


Thomas Kerr Lynch (1818-1891), Mesopotamian explorer, younger brother of Henry Blosse Lynch and of Patrick Edward Lynch, was born in 1818. His early years were spent at Partry, Ballinrobe, co. Mayo, after which he entered Trinity College, Dublin. On leaving college he joined his brother, Captain Henry Blosse Lynch, and was with him during the second Euphrates expedition of 1837?42, one of the results of which was the opening up of steam communication with the interior of the countries watered by the Euphrates and Tigris and the Persian Gulf.

Steam-vessels, placed on the two great rivers of Mesopotamia, helped to bring the city of Baghdad, which was in a sense the headquarters of the survey, into touch with India and the west. But the cost of such steam-service was great, until Lynch, who, with a younger brother, had set up in business in Baghdad, offered to bear the expense of trading-steamers that should be specially constructed for the purpose.

These steamers and their successors have since run continuously on the Tigris, and the prosperity of the country has been so much increased by the facilities they afford, that what before were wretched villages are now thriving towns. Lynch travelled extensively in Mesopotamia and Persia during his residence in the East.

After his return home he was for some years consul-general for Persia in London. He was made knight of the Lion and Sun on one of the shah's visits to England. He died in London 27 Dec. 1891. He married a daughter of Colonel Taylor, late political resident at Baghdad, by whom he left a son and daughter. He was author of 'A Visit to the Suez Canal,' with ten illustrations (London, 1866, 8vo).

[Times, 29 Dec. 1891.]


Henry Manners Chichester, Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 34. pg. 338.

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