Pierre Tremaux

Birth: 1818


Pierre Tremaux (20 July 1818 - 12 March 1895) was a French architect, Orientalist photographer, and author of numerous scientific and ethnographic publications. Very little is known about Pierre Tremaux's life.

He was born in Charrecey, France into a family of modest means. He was the son of Jean-Marie Tremaux, a farmer and Claudine Renaudin and had at least two sisters. Details of his final years are very sketchy and details of death and final resting place are unknown.

Tremaux distinguished himself in many fields. He entered the ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1840 and received the second Prix de Rome in Architecture in 1845. As a trained architect, he worked at the Schneider establishments in Le Creusot. He was interested in urbanism, the breakthrough of the Suez Canal.

A naturalist, he traveled to Algeria, Tunisia, Upper Egypt, Eastern Sudan and Ethiopia in 1847-1848, where he made many drawings and became one of the first to produce photographic images of the region From Alexandria, he went up the Nile to Nubia.

In 1853-1854, he undertook a second photographic trip to Libya, Egypt, Asia Minor, Tunisia, Syria and Greece. He returned from these trips with many illustrations and photographic images, some of the first photographs ever made of the region and its people.


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