Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca

Birth: 1775


Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca (Cusco, 1770-1775? - Canas c. 1853?) Was an Inca noble and hero of the Independence. He was born the son of Pedro Sahuaraura Tito Atauchi, cacique of Quispicanchi in Cusco. He was a descendant of Paullu Inca and, therefore, of Huayna Capac. He began his studies at the San Francisco de Borja School and continued them at the San Bernardo College. He went to the San Antonio Abad University, where he studied Theology and Canon Law.

After opting for the presbyterate, he was interim curate of Coaza (Carabaya), and for five years he governed the doctrine of Pachaconas (Antabamba). He graduated as doctor in 1808 he was appointed synodal examiner of the bishopric and general visitor of six provinces, and assigned to the parish of Soraya (Aymaraes), in 1810. At the beginning of the revolution led by Brigadier Mateo Pumacahua (1814), he placed his assets at the disposition of the cause, although the royal authority was restored, they were burned down by order of Colonel Vicente Gonzalez. Seized and subjected to multiple humiliations, he was finally released and returned to his parish.

He received in his parish the Liberator Bolivar, who recognized his merits and awarded him a civic medal. Appointed canon treasurer of the diocesan council of Cuzco (1825), he would be elected deputy for Aymaraes (1826). Embittered by several offenses received to his noble condition, he retired to the town of Canas. In his last years he ordered his memoirs and the documentation of his family file, getting to publish Recuerdos de la Monarquia Peruana o bosquejo de la historia de los incas or Memories of the Peruvian Monarchy or sketch of the history of the Incas (Paris, 1850). He left manuscripts in an Anthology of Incaic literature, among which was the Ollantay drama codex, copied around 1838 from a manuscript owned by Antonio Valdez.


Alberto Tauro del Pino. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Peru. Lima: PEISA, 2001.

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