Juan de Abreu de Galindo

Fray Juan de Abréu Galindo is the pseudonym of an apocryphal religious Franciscan of origin Andalusian, who introduced himself as author in the history of the conquest of the seven islands of Canaria, and dated it in 1632, work that it is actually an edit made in the early 1630's the History of the Canary Islands that its true author, Gonzalo Argote de Molina, left unfinished at his death in 1596.

Thus, the name of Fray Juan de Abréu Galindo hides to an anonymous copyist who published the work of Argote de Molina with a fictitious name. In the words of Cebrián Latasa, «there in the Canary Islands records of Franciscans of late 16th century and early 17th century Friar of that name.


Is extracted from the work that the author appears as Andalusian, was born in the mid-16th century, he was a pupil of Thamara, bibliography used is older than 1590, is expert in genealogy, have access to the documentation of the count of Lanzarote (title acquired by the scholar (Sevillian), and many other data that coincide with the biography of Gonzalo Argote de Molina, as well as some others transformed, as its Franciscan profession.

Internal data confirm that the history of the conquest of the seven islands of Canaria was probably written between 1590 and 1600. For example, speaks of the Garoé tree when even existed until its demise in 1604 by a storm. The manuscript and the printed editions mentioned the date of 1632, but believed that it was a later addition of the copyist (who after Cebrián Latasa article, would be the such fray Juan de Abréu), that same paragraph says some data on the variable number of sugar mills. Includes Gonzalo Argote de Molina began to write its history and description of the seven Canary Islands around 1590 and had to leave unfinished on his death in 1596, which coincides with the dating that had been proposed for this work before that Cebrián Latasa revealed in 2008 that Juan de Abreu and Galindo was a fictitious author.


Alejandro Cioranescu, introduction to his Edition: Fray Juan Abréu Galindo, history of the conquest of the seven islands of Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Goya editions, 1977. ISBN 84-400-3465-0.

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