Johann Jacob Steinmann

Birth: 1800


Johann Jacob Steinmann (17 September 1800 in Basel; - 20 June 1844) was a Swiss artist, lithographer and painter. Born as son of the Schneider Georg Friedrich Steinmann, Johann Jacob studied lithography since 1821 when Godefroy Engelmann in Mulhouse, Alsace, began his apprenticeship with Alois Senefelder, the inventor of lithography. continued. Since 1821, he corresponded with the artist and graphic artist Friedrich Salathe.

Steinmann 1825 signed a contract with the Brazilian Government officials in Paris and came in October 1825 to Rio de Janeiro. The Dutch, he married Phoebe Georgine Harris. There he was employed in the printing of the military. He served as the first lithographer in Brazil at the printing of maps and images. He taught six students. In 1830, after the end of the five-year contract, Steinmann built an own lithography institution with the permission of Emperor Pedro I . He opened a SOAP factory, unfortunately with little success.

On February 12, 1833, Steinmann returned after more than seven years stay in Brazil to Europe. In 1834, and in following years albums appeared in Basel with lithografierten views of Brazil, which created Steinmann after the sketches drawn during his stay. He died at the age of 44.


Robert Steinmann: Ein Basler als erster Lithograph in Brasilien. Aus dem Leben von Johann Jakob Steinmann (1800-1844). In: Basler Stadtbuch 1975, S. 153-164.

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