Benjamin Rush Davenport

Benjamin Rush Davenport was an American author and quite possibly a resident of Cleveland, Ohio. He authored the work "Uncle Sam's" Cabins: A Story of American Life, Looking Forward a Century (1895) which initially depicts a Near Future so biased toward capitalists that most Americans have become serfs; a plague (see Disaster) eventually gives a reformer the chance to create a more equitable Utopia.

Davenport's best-known novel is the Future-War tale Anglo-Saxons, Onward! A Romance of the Future (1898), in which, led by the US president, Anglo-Saxons dominate the world, including Spain – cf the contemporaneous Spanish-US War. Some of the "lessons" of this tale are made more explicit in his white supremacist novel, Blood Will Tell: The Strange Story of a Son of Ham (1902), which posits in fantasticated terms a blood inferiority of the Sons of Ham, that is, black people.

He was also the author of the Perfect History of the United States, featuring a condensation of works from Bancroft, Fiske, Blaine, Grant, Sherman, Johnson and more and was compiled alongside Washington Irving's Columbus and William Robertson's Conquest of Mexico and Peru.

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