Antonio Garcia Cubas

Birth: 1832


Antonio Garcia Cubas (City of Mexico; 24 July 1832 - ibid; 9 February 1912) was a historian, cartographer, geographer and Mexican writer. He was an orphan from his childhood, why it has been left to the care of an aunt of his. At the age of eighteen years, Garcia Cubas joined the General direction of industry of the Government of the Mexican Republic, activity that combined with his studies of geography. They held them at the Colegio de San Gregorio, and then joined the College of engineers, he was titled as a geographer with honors.

From 1856, Garcia Cubas was a member of the Mexican society of geography and statistics. During the Second Mexican Empire he received the Order of Guadalupe from the hands of Maximilian of Habsburg. He was later awarded the Legion of honour of France. Antonio Garcia Cubas died in the City of Mexico on 9 February 1912. It was a worthy successor of the illustrious don Manuel Orozco and Berra.


He wrote several works of text for use in public schools, including a course of elementary geography, geographical and topographical drawing course, an Atlas, geographical, statistical and historical of the Mexican Republic, (1857 ) and a General letter of Mexico (1863). History of Mexico, is a true model in its genre. So appreciated was the latter that was textbook for a long time.

In 1878, he published the Album of the Mexican railroad made with the collaboration of the prestigious artist Casimiro Castro. This work is one of the most valuable editorial and artistic works in the history of Mexico. The picturesque Atlas and history of the Mexican United States also earned him numerous congratulations of the European geographical societies. His best-known work is The book of memories (1905), pleasant and picturesque account of the Mexico of his time illustrated with 500 prints.

His main works are: Arte, Geografia e Historia: Album del Ferrocarril Mexicano, (1878), Geografia e Historia: Atlas Geografico, Estadistico e Historico de la Republica Mexicana, (1857) Carta General de México, (1863) Diccionario Geografico, Historico y Biografico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos en cinco volúmenes, editados entre 1888 y 1891. Literatura: El Libro de mis Recuerdos, (1905).


Salmeron, Luis Arturo (abril del 2012). Relatos e Historias de México: Carta politica, un gran cartografo: Antonio Garcia Cubas.. Número 44. Editorial Raices. Archivado desde el original el 16 de abril de 2013. Consultado el 13 de julio de 2013. pg. 28.

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