Monumental, beautifully illustrated book based on the watercolors Edouard Riou made during celebrations at the opening of the Suez canal in October 1869. Fontane was the Secretary of Ferdinand de Lesseps, and accompanied him during the work of the isthmus of Panama. Riou, pupil of Gustave Dore, illustra, among others, the works of Jules Verne and provides planks for The World Tour.

The Vice-Roy of Egypt, Ibrahim Pasha, was given 200 copies of this work, which celebrated the opening of the Suez Canal. He was not pleased with the publication and removed the portrait of the French engineer in charge; de Lesseps, as well as the preface, and the final six gatherings, (including the last six plates) from his own personal copies.

This is the original edition, limited to 500 copies.

Issued as the second item with: Nicole, G. Voyage des souverains, inauguration du Canal de Suez, 1870? (1389-074)

Illustrations: one color lithographed map by A. Le Bealle, executed by Lith. Goyer et Hermet in Paris, and twenty numbered color lithographed plates executed by Imp. Lemercier in Paris.

This copy is missing the following plates; [1-3] Entree de l'Aigle a Port Said / L'Aigle en rade; [4] Te Deum d'inauguration celebre sur la plage de Port-Said; [5] Passage a El-Guisr des navires pavoises venant de Port-Said; [6] Rade d'Ismailia et campement des invites et des cheikes; [7] Arrivee a Suez des quarante navires qui ont traverse l'isthme.


BL; Hilmy I, p. 235-36; Blackmer 611; Bobins 1088. Brunet VII, 510;

Publisher: Paris : P. Dupont : E. Lachaud




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-04-11

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