[Atlas - Volume 1] Voyage d'Exploration en Indo-Chine : effectue pendant les annees 1866, 1867 et 1868


Date: 1873



Francis Garnier was part of the French expedition under Captain Ernest Doudard de Lagree that was formed by the Commission d'exploration du Mekong (1866-1868) to explore southwest Asia. Along the way they documented archaeological ruins such as Angkor Wat, local culture, natural history and more. The expedition set out from Saigon in 1866 to explore the valley of the Mekong River in the hopes of finding a navigable route into south-western China. Garnier took command of the mission when de Lagree died and he safely led the expedition to the Chinese coast via the Yangtze River.

The expedition traversed almost 5,400 miles traveling through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, mapping over 3,600 miles of terrain previously unknown to Europeans, and becoming the first westerners to enter Yunnan by a southern route. Subsequently, Garnier returned to France a hero, fought in the Franco-Prussian war, and finished the present account of the expedition before eventually returning to Indo-China to establish a colony in Tonkin.

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This first edition was limited to 300 copies. The maps are after Garnier himself, whilst the views are taken from sketches by the expedition artist Louis Delaporte. These views, in conjunction with the fine illustrations in the text volumes, form a valuable and remarkably wide-ranging visual record of Indochina as a whole, with the depictions of the ancient capital of Laos at Viet Chan and Angkor in Cambodia being particularly impressive.

The first volume contains the descriptive, historical and political part of the voyage. The second volume deals exclusively with the scientific observations and the special works of the Exploration Commission, and Geology and Mineralogy were treated there by Dr. Joubert, Anthropology, Agriculture and Horticulture, by Dr. Thorel My Chinese interpreter, Mr. Thomas Ko, has given the translation of a Chinese work which contains valuable information on metallurgical wealth and the methods of exploitation of the province of Yun-nau. The volume ends with the specimens of the Indo-Chinese languages collected by M. de Lagree and by me.

The Atlas that accompanies this book is divided into The first, to which Messrs. de Lagree, Delaporte and I have contributed, includes Maps and Plans, the second is the very Album of the Voyage: it is entirely the work of M. Delaporte.

Collaborators include; Doudart de Lagree, Ernest, 1823-1868 (editor), Delaporte, Louis, 1842-1925 (illustrator), Joubert, Eugene (editor), Thorel, Clovis, 1833-1911 (editor).

Includes bibliographical references

Published by the firm Hachette with the lithographic plates created by Imprimerie Lemercier et cie after designs by Louis Delaporte. The plates comprised in the atlas are issued in portfolios

4 volumes (text: 2 vols., large 4to [13 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches]; atlas: 2 volumes, folio [19 1/2 x 15 inches]).

[Text] - titles in red and black, half-titles. Portrait frontispiece, 1 plate of medals, 12 maps and charts (4 colored, 6 tinted), numerous illustrations (39 full-page).

[Atlas] - 12 maps, (2 double-page); 9 plans (2 double-page); 1 tinted lithographic aerial view; 48 plates on 40 sheets (6 double page, 2 engraved, 10 hand-colored lithographs, 1 chromolithograph, 27 tinted lithographs).


Cordier, BS, 329 ; Cordier, BI, 1012-1013.

1. Book Display
10. Facade Principale d'Angor Wat - Vue du Peristyl de la Premiere Enceinte
11. Tour Centrale et Gour Superieure d'Angcor Wat
12. Une Porte d'Angcor Thom
13. Ruines du Baion (Monument aux 42 Tours)
14. Costumes Annamites, Cambodgiens et Siamois
15. Coin Quest de la Chute de Don Isom
16. Cremation d'un Riche Laotien
17. Panorama du Groupe d'Iles de Khong (Pris du Sommet de Phou Hin Khong)
18. Panorama de la Vallee du Fleuve Pris du Sommet de Phou Salao
19. Fetes de Bassac : Illumination du Fleuve
2. Front Cover
20. Habitation Laotienne
21. Cage (Selle) d'Elephant de Guerre
22. Orchidees-Epiphytes
23. Ville de Yun-Nan
24. Le Fleuve du Tong-King et la Ville de Yuen-Kiang
25. Lac et Ville de Che-Pin
26. Une des Faces de la Pyramide de Peunom
27. Ruines de Vien Chain : - Tat Luong
28. Ruines de Vien Chain : - Wat Pha Keo
29. Fete dans une Pagode de Nong Kay
3. Title Page
30. Examen des Bacheliers Militaires a Siu-Tcheaou Fou
31. Rochers a l'Embouchure du Nam Hou
32. Campement dans le Lit du Mekong pres d'un Rapide (Keng Chan)
33. Courses de Pirogues a Bassac
34. Campement dans le Lit du Mekong pres d'un Rapide (Keng Chan)
35. Ville de Luang Prabang
36. Marche de Luang Prabang
37. Pagode Royale a Luang Prabang
38. Intérieur de la Grotte du Nam Hou
38. Interieur de la Grotte du Nam Hou
39. Tat no a Muong Long
4. Types de la Vallee du Cambodge
40. Marche de Muong Long
41. Populations Mixtes des Royaumes de Xieng Tong et de Xieng Hong
42. Ville de Pou-Eul
43. Portique de la Pagode de Se-Mao
44. Populations Mixtes du Sud du Yun-Nan
45. Populations Mixtes du Nord du Yun-Nan
46. Populations Mixtes du Sud du Yun-Nan
47. Panorama Pris Entre Houey-Li Tcheou et Che-Lang-Ko
48. Panorama Pris Entre Mekong Kou et Houey-Ly Tcheaou
49. Costumes du Royaume de Ta-Ly
5. Types du Laos Birman et du Yun-Nan
50. Vue Prise Entre Tchao-Tong et la Kouan
51. La Ville de Ta Kouan
52. Back Cover
6. Laotiens des Possessions Birmanes
7. Angcor Thom : Phimanacas (Ruines du Palais des Rois d'Angcor)
8. Vue de Stung Treng et de l'Embouchure du se Cong
9. Colonnade de l'Entree Quest et Vue Generale d'Angcor Wat

Publisher: Paris: Librarie Hachette, 1873




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Date Added: 2019-03-09

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