Voyage a Athenes et a Constantinopole, ou, Collection de portraits, de vues et de costumes grecs et ottomans, peints sur les lieux, d'apres nature, lithographies et colories


Date: 1825



Born in Versailles in 1789, little is known about Louis Dupré's family or childhood. However, he had a powerful patron in Count Clément de Ris, thanks to whom he was able to study at the school of the renowned painter Jacques-Louis David, an apprenticeship that had a decisive impact on his personality as well as his art. In 1811, Cardinal Joseph Fesch, Bishop of Lyon, connoisseur and statesman, sent Dupré to Kassel, where he was named court painter to the king of Westphalia, Jérôme Bonaparte, who also facilitated Dupré's journey to Rome to study, in 1813.

In Italy, Dupré travelled, studied and drew antiquities, in particular vases, while developing his skills in landscape and portrait painting. He became acquainted with artists such as the sculptor David d'Angers, the painter J.A.D. Ingres, the composer J. Rossini and the architect C.R. Cockerell. He met three British art lovers, Hyett, Hay and Vivian, who suggested that he accompany them on their journey to Greece, in February 1819.

This journey, which lasted until April 1820, completely met Dupré's expectations. He saw the ideal world of ancient Greece reveal itself before his eyes, the scope of his subjects became broader and his art was animated by a fresh élan. The party of four travelled to Corfu, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Attica, and the Saronic islands. Dupré himself continued on to Constantinople and Bucharest, invited by Michael Soutsos (1784-1864), great dragoman of the Sublime Porte and prince of Moldavia.

Polite, sociable, energetic, forthright, courageous and honest, with a love of freedom and homeland, Dupré was well-liked by the Greeks. In 1825, after his return home, he published his travel album with forty lithographs in colour, made by the best lithographers in France, and from 1827 he exhibited his Greek-themed paintings in the yearly Paris Salon.

'Man, nature, religious sentiment, the reminiscence of antiquity and the charm of the East are Dupré's favourite subjects. However, the journey to Greece was a landmark in the evolution of his thematic repertoire. Although nature has the power to give new wings to memory and imagination, Dupré gave priority to portraits and costumes. He depicts human types with precision, devoid of passion, exempt of exoticism, he makes an appraisal of countenance, posture and dress, while each detail refers the viewer to the whole and vice versa. In all of Dupré's works there is a clarity of subject, while the ethos of the representation is enhanced in a balanced composition. His fluid, flexible lines achieve a harmonious union of drawing and colour. He succeeds in highlighting the cultural differences between East and West'

First edition, folio (59.2 x 43.8 cm), engraved title page, dedication, 52 pp., 12 engraved vignettes in text, 40 fine hand-coloured lithographs by Lemercier after Dupré. [6], 52 pages, XXXX, [1] leaves of plates (1 folded) : 60 x 37 cm (fol.)

References: Ioli Vingopoulou, Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation. Atabey 381; Blackmer 517; Colas 916; Lipperheide 1434. Weber 130; Bobins 137.

1. Front Cover
10. Ali Tebelen, Pacha de Janina, dessine d'apres nature le 14 Mars sue le lac de Butrinto
11. Ali Pacha de Janina, chassant sur le lac de Butrinto en Mars 1819
12. Le Palais et la Forteresse de Janina, vus du Lac Un Turc et un jeune Grec
13. Un Grec de Janina
14. Le Pinde
15. Un Page de Veli, Pacha de Chessalie
16. Jeune Grec Thessalien
17. Les Meteores de Thessalie et le Pinde
18. Un Grec Logothete de Livadie
19. Une Demoiselle Grecque de Livadie
2. Title Page
20. Un Tartare et les fragmens du Lion de Cheronnee
21. Mouhamet Ruschen Effendi Dervis
22. L'Acropolis Vu de la Maison du Consul de France Mr Fauvel
23. Un Boucher Albanis a Athenes
24. Le Parthenon
25. Le Temple de Jupiter Olympien et l'Acropolis d'Athenes
26. Vue de l'Acropolis
27. Le Temple de Thesee a Athenes
28. Vasili Gouda, Aide de Camp de Marco Borzaris
29. Une Athenienne
3. Une Maison Grecque a Turnavo en Thessalie
30. Grec d'Hydra
31. Un Pretre Grec et un Turc
32. Une Mosquee a Athenes
33. Mariage Grec a Athenes
34. Demetrius Mavromichalis
35. Un Armenien
36. Un Prince Armenien et sa femme
37. Un Janissaire du Palais et un Bostangi
38. Bilesikdji, Armenien
39. Kalioundji Marin militaire attache a l'Amiraute Ottomane
4. Photo Pikos du Pays de Suli
40. Un Mamlouk
41. Le Prince de Moldavie, Michel Soutzo
42. La Princesse Helene S
43. Nicolacki Mitropolos arborant l'etendard de la Croix a Salona, le jour de Paques 1821
44. Passe-Port-Turc
45. Back Cover
5. Suliote a Corfou
6. Palicare de la Selleide
7. Ismael, Bey et Mehemet, Pacha, Fils de Veli, Pacha de Thessalie, et Petits-fils d'Ali-Tebeleu, Visir de Janina
8. Le Garde des Sceaux d'Ali-Pacha
9. Un Suliote a Corfou Nicolo Pervoli

Publisher: Paris : Imprimerie de Dondey-Dupre




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Date Added: 2019-05-02

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