Virginia: the Old Dominion, as seen from its colonial waterway, the historic river James, whose every succeeding turn reveals country replete with monuments and scenes recalling the march of history and its figures from the days of Captain John Smith to the present time.


Date: 1921



"Formerly published under the title Houseboating on a colonial waterway."

299 p., plates (part col.) : col. ill., map ; cm.

1. Front Cover
10. Jamestown Island from the River
11. In Back River
12. The Beach at Jamestown Island
13. Wharf Sign at Jamestown Island
14. The "Lone Cypress"
15. The Bridge Across Back River
16. The Road Across the Island
17. The Ruined Tower of the Old Village Church
18. A Corner in the Old Graveyard
19. View from the Confederate Fort
2. Title Page
20. Looking Toward the First Landing-place
21. Locating What Is Left of the Site of the First Settlement
22. An Excursion Day at Jamestown Island
23. Gadabout Looking For the Lost Isthmus
24. A Visit to the "Lone Cypress"
25. One of the Earliest Excavations
26. Hunting For the First State House
27. Entrance to Chippoak Creek
28. Cove in Chippoak Creek
29. Riverward Front of Brandon
3. The Portico of Brandon, from the Garden
30. A Side Path to the Manor-house
31. The Woodsway to Brandon
32. In the Drawing-room
33. "Venerable Four-posters, Richly Carved and Dark"
34. A Corner in the Dining-room
35. The Drawing-room Fireplace
36. Treasured Parchments, Including the Original Grant of 1616
37. The Ancient Garrison House
38. Miss Harrison in the Court Gown of Her Colonial Aunt, Evelyn Byrd
39. Sturgeon Point Landing
4. Map of the James River from Richmond to Its Mouth
40. At the Mouth of Kittewan Creek
41. The Forest Tomb
42. The Old Kittewan House
43. Hunting For the Channel
44. Approaching A Narrow Place
45. Lower Weyanoke
46. An Ancestress of Weyanoke
47. Chief-justice John Marshall
48. Upper Weyanoke
49. At Anchor Off Weyanoke
5. The Houseboat Gadabout
50. Present-day Fleur De Hundred
51. A Fishing Hamlet
52. A River Landing
53. "Little Boats Were Nosing Into the Bank Here and There"
54. Riverward Front of Westover
55. The Hall, With Its Carved Mahogany Staircase
56. The Hepplewhite Sideboard With Butler's Desk
57. "Four-posters and the Things of Four-poster Days"
58. The Romantic Centre of Westover; Evelyn Byrd's Old Room
59. The Colonial Courtyard Gates
6. In the Forward Cabin
60. Tomb of Colonel William Byrd
61. The Drawing-room Mantelpiece at Westover
62. Tombs in the Old Westover Churchyard (In the Foreground Is the Tomb of Evelyn Byrd)
63. A Trapper's Home By the River Bank
64. "Often ... the Wandering Houseboat Comes Along to Find Only An Empty Pier"
65. Berkeley; the Ancestral Home of A Signer of the Declaration of Independence and of Two Presidents of the United States
66. The Field Road and the Quarters
67. Riverward Front of Shirley
68. The Old "Great Hall"
69. The Drawing-room
7. Looking Aft from the Forward Cabin
70. The Kitchen Building, Fifty Yards from the Manor-house
71. A Brick Oven in the Bake-Room
72. Some Noteworthy Pieces of Old Shirley Plate
73. Peale's Portrait of George Washington
74. Varina
75. Dutch Gap Canal
76. Falling Creek
77. The Voyage Ended, Gadabout in Winter Quarters
8. Along the Shore of Chuckatuck Creek
9. "Just the Wild Beauty of the Shores, the Noble Expanse of the Stream, ... and Gadabout"

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-28

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