Views in the Ottoman dominions : in Europe, in Asia, and some of the Mediterranean islands


Date: 1810



Luigi Mayer (1755-1803) was an Italian-German artist and one of the earliest and most important late 18th-century European painters of the Ottoman Empire. Mayer was a close friend of Sir Robert Ainslie, 1st Baronet, a British ambassador to Turkey between 1776 and 1792, and the bulk of his paintings and drawings during this period were commissioned by Ainslie.

He travelled extensively through the Ottoman Empire between 1776 and 1794, and became well known for his sketches and paintings of panoramic landscapes of ancient sites from the Balkans to the Greek Islands, Turkey and Egypt, particularly ancient monuments and the Nile. Many of the works were amassed in Ainslie's collection, which was later presented to the British Museum, providing a valuable insight into the Middle East of that period.

This work was the first to feature Mayer's drawings of Turkey. Mayer had studied with Piranesi and was employed for a time by the King of Sicily. He then took service with Ainslie in Constantinople.

Binding: contemporary calf; gilt and blind tooled ornamental border on front and rear boards; spine and turn-ins gilt tooled; all edges gilt; bookplate of the Earl of Sheffield on front pastedown

The plates are hand colored aquatints

The plates were probably engraved by W. Watts. Cf. J.R. Abbey, Travel in aquatint and lithography, no. 371

Abbey, J. R. Travel in aquatint and lithography 1770-1860

1. Title Page
10. Ponte Piccolo
11. Ponte Grande
12. Tchiurluk
13. Borgas
14. Caravansary at Borgas
15. Kaskerat
16. Eski-Estamboul
17. Kirkclisia
18. Mount Balkan
19. Road over the Balkan Mountain
2. View of Constantinople
20. Ciala Kavak
21. Dance of Bulgarian Peasants
22. View on the Aluta
23. Church and Convent of St. Mary
24. Entrance to the Convent of St. Mary
25. Pitesti
26. Palace at Bucharest
27. View near Bucharest
28. Ancient Temples at Agrigentum
29. Base of a Colossal Column Near Syracuse
3. Mosque of Sultan Achmet
30. Ruins occasioned by the Earthquake at Messina
31. View at Villa Scabrosa
32. Ancient Bath near the Fountains of the Palici
33. Ancient Cisternin Val di Noto
34. Crater in the Island of Volcano
35. Ancient Temple in the Island of Salina
36. Island of Stromboli
37. Crater in the Island of Stromboli
38. Fragments at Ephesus
39. Aqueduct near Ephesus
4. Pera
40. Stadium at Ephesus
41. Theatre at Ephesus
42. Ruins of the Temple of Diana at Ephesus
43. Part of the Grand Gallery of the Temple of Diana
44. Ruins of the Baths at Ephesus
45. Port of Latachia
46. Mosque at Latachia
47. Mosque in Latachia No. 2
48. Triumphal Arch at Latachia
49. Cathedral at Tortosa
5. Terapia
50. View near Tortosa
51. Fountain of Serpents
52. Monument on the Coast of Syria
53. Monument on the Coast of Syria No. 2
54. Monument between Tripoli and Tortosa
55. Monuments near Tortosa
56. Monuments near Tortosa No. 2
57. The Island of Tortosa
58. Castle in the Island of Tortosa
59. Ruins of an ancient Temple in Samos
6. Turkish Encampment
60. Ruins of the Temple of Juno in Samos
61. Western Harbour of the Island of Samos
62. Ancient Aqueduct in Samos
63. Part of Jerusalem
64. Temple of Solomon
65. Church of the Holy Spulchre
66. Chapel of Mount Calvary
67. Tomb of Jeremiah
68. Sarcophagus from the Tombs of the Kings
69. City of Bethlehem
7. Aqueduct near Belgrade
70. Grotto of the Nativity
71. Temple of Jupiter Ammon in Libya
72. Interior of the Temple of Jupiter Ammon
8. Piccolo Bent
9. Caravanasary ay Kustchiuk-Czemege

Publisher: London : Printed by T. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, for R. Bowyer, 80, Pall Mall




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Date Added: 2019-01-07

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