Anne Eliza Scott was the eldest daughter of Colonel Tobias Kirkwood and married Lieutenant William L.L. Scott of the Bengal Army in 1838. They travelled to India in 1839 and some years later Mrs. Scott was informed that the Governor-General Lord Dalhousie and others would like some familiar scenes of the Himalayas to be published.

The views featured in this work are mostly of the Simla region of the Himalayas where Mrs. Scott spent time between 1850 and 1851. They include the plains surrounding Kussowlie, local residences, views of Koomarsen and Khotghur and more.

Hand-colored illustrated title, and 14 hand-colored views by Thomas Picken, W. Walton and W. Simpson after Anne Eliza Scott

Lithographed title in red, leaf of explanation and dedication leaf, double column printed in blue.

First Edition. Large folio (618 x 430mm).

Contains a glossary regarding climate, costume, animals, birds, agricultural productions etc.


Abbey Travel 500; Bobins 799 & 1123 (cited twice for same copy).

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Publisher: London: Messrs Henry Graves & Co., and sold by Messrs Allen & Co., and Messrs Ostell & Lepage, Calcutta





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