Views and descriptions of Cyclopian, or, Pelasgic remains, in Greece and Italy : with constructions of a later period : from drawings by the late Edward Dodwell ... intended as a supplement to his Classical and topographical tour in Greece during the years 1801, 1805, and 1806


Date: 1834



One hundred and thirty-one lithographic plates.

Also issued in French the same year.

34 p., 127 [i.e. 131] leaves of plates : 49 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. Gate of the Lions
100. Great Gate at Alatrium
101. Interior of the Great Gate at Alatrium
102. Another Gate at Alatrium
103. Walls at Alatrium
104. Polygon Walls and Roman Gate at Ferentinum
105. Porta Sanguinaria at Ferentinum
106. Another Gate at Ferentinum
107. Walls at Ferentinum
108. Another View of the Wall
109. A Cavern at Mount Circaei
11. Back of the Gate of the Lions at Mycenae
110. General View of Circaei
111. Walls of Circaei
112. Walls of Terracina [I]
113. Walls of Terracina [II]
114. Ancient Walls and Modern Gate at Terracina
115. Remains of a Temple near Terracina
116. Remains of a Bridge at Terracina
117. Aqueduct Three Miles From Terracina Towards Rome
118. Ruins at Proeneste
119. Walls at Praeneste [I]
12. Small Gate of the Acropolis Mycenae
120. Walls at Praeneste [II]
121. Walls at Praeneste [III]
122. View of Sezze Ancient Setium
123. Walls at Setium [I]
124. Walls at Setium [II]
125. Walls at Setium [III]
126. Remains of a Temple at Setium
127. Remains of the Same Temple at Setium
128. Walls at Revilacoila near Frascatl
129. Walls at Colonocelli near Trivoli
13. Exterior View of the Treasury of Atreus
130. Walls at Vitriano near Tivoli
131. Walls at the Villa of Cassius near Tivoli
132. Walls on the Via Di Casciano near Tivoli [I]
133. Walls on the Via Di Casciano near Tivoli [II]
134. Ancient Sepulchre near Cortona
135. Back Cover
14. Interior of the Treasury of Atreus
15. Portal to One of the Treasuries at Mycenae
16. Plain of Argos [I]
17. Plain of Argos [II]
18. Treasury of Mynias at Orchomenos in Boetia
19. Gate of the Acropolis of Orchomenos
2. Title Page
20. Walls and Tower in the Acropolis of Orchomenos
21. Acropolis of Chaeroneia
22. Projecting Wall at Chaeroneia
23. Ruins of Gortys
24. One of the Gates of Gortys
25. Plain of Thorikos Attica
26. A Tower at Thorikos
27. Little Pointed Gate at Thoricos
28. Theatre at Thoricos
29. Doric Building at Thoricos
3. Gate at Arpino
30. Ruins of an Ancient City near Mesaloggion in Aetolia [I]
31. Ruins of an Ancient City near Mesaloggion in Aetolia [II]
32. Ruins of an Ancient City near Mesaloggion in Aetolia [III]
33. An Ancient Gate of the Ruined City near Mesaloggion
34. Pointed Gates in an Ancient City Missalongi
35. General View of the Pointed Gates
36. Small Theatre in the Same Ancient City
37. Walls at Galaxidi Ancient Oianthe in Ozolaia Locris
38. Gate at Agia Euphemia in Ozolaia Locris
39. Town of Salona and Ruins of amphissa the Ancient Capital of Ozolaia Locris
4. Lykosura
40. Acropolis of Amphissa
41. Ruins at Delphi in Phocis
42. View at Delphi
43. Ancient Sepulchre near Delphi
44. The Same Sepulchre with the Plain and Gulf of Krissa
45. Ruins of Lilaia in Phocis
46. Ruins of Lilai
47. Terrace Wall and Drains of the Temple of Minerva Kranaia
48. Ruins of an Ancient City in Doris
49. Ruins of Tithoraia in Phocis
5. General View of Tiryns And the Plain of Argos [I]
50. One of the Towers of Tithoraia
51. Acropolis of Daulia
52. Gate of the Acropolis of Daulia
53. Ruins of Panopoeius
54. Ruins of Haliartus in Boeotia
55. Ruins of Thisbe Boeotia
56. Ruins of Plataia in Boeotia
57. Ruins at Plataia
58. Ruins at Gyphto Castro Eleutherai
59. Tower and Gates at Eleutherai
6. General View of Tiryns And the Plain of Argos [II]
60. Castle of Phyle in Attica Looking Towards Athens
61. Castle of Phyle in Attica
62. The Pynx at Athens
63. Ruins at the Peiraieus
64. Plain of Trachyma and Ruins of an Ancient City On Mt Oeta
65. Ruins of Echinos in Thessaly
66. Acropolis of Pharsalia in Thessaly
67. Gate in the Acropolis of Pharsalia
68. Ruins of an Ancient City now called Aias near the Gulf of Pagasai in Thessaly
69. Ruins of Iolchos in Thessaly
7. Walls of Tiryns
70. View of Orchomenos in Arcadia
71. Ruins of Clitor in Arcadia
72. Gulf and Plain of Messenia
73. Exterior View of the Great Gate and Walls of Messene
74. Exterior View of the Great Gate of Messene
75. Ruins of Methana in Argolis
76. Ancient Gate of Methana
77. West Front of the Great Gate of the Propylea at Athens
78. Ruins of the Gymnasium of Ptolemy at Athens
79. General View of Norba in Latium
8. Pointed Gate at Tiryns
80. A Gate at Norba
81. Another Gate at Norba
82. Great Gate at Norba
83. Interior of the Great Gate at Norba
84. Subterraneous Gate at Norba
85. Bastion at Norba
86. Another View of the Bastion at Norba
87. Walls at Norba
88. Acropolis of Signia
89. Porta Saracenica at Signia
9. Acropolis of Mycenae
90. Interior of Porta Saracenica
91. A Subterraneous Gate at Signia
92. Another Gate at Signia
93. Remains of a Temple at Signia
94. Walls of Signia
95. Walls at Cora and Temple of Castor and Pollux
96. Walls at Cora [I]
97. Walls at Cora [II]
98. Bridge at Cora
99. Subterraneous Gate at Alatrium

Publisher: London : Adolphus Richter




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Date Added: 2019-05-08

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