Tychonis Brahe Astronomiae instauratae progymnasmata : quorum haec prima pars de restitutione motuum solis et lunae stellarumque inerrantium tractat, et praeterea de admiranda nova stella anno 1572 exorta luculenter agit.


Date: 1598



The 1st volume of a projected work on recent astronomical phenomena. The 2nd volume had been printed and privately distributed at Uraniborg in 1588 under title: De mundi aetherei recentioribus phaenomenis liber secundus. The 3rd and final volume was never written.

The book shows the astronomical inventions of Tycho Brahe, especially the instruments through which the stars and planets could be observed and by which distances and ascensions could be measured.

It was prepared for publication after the author's death by Johannes Kepler, who also wrote the Appendix (p. 817-822).

One of three hand-colored copies from the Det Kongelige Bibliotek / The Royal Library (Copenhagen)

[42] bl. ill., portr.


Zinner, E. Astronomische Lit. in Deutschland, 3930.

Tycho Brahe / J.L.E. Dreyer. 1890. p. 162-163., p. 368-369.

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Publisher: Wandsbek [1598]





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