George Annesley, Viscount Valentia, left England in June 1802 on the Minerva, for a Grand Tour of the East with Henry Salt. They were antiquarians and avid collectors.

Salt had earlier finished his training with the topographical draughtsman and diarist, Joseph Farrington, and Valentia appointed him to be his official artist and secretary for the tour.

Valentia and Salt returned to England in 1806. Salt eventually became British Consul-General in Egypt, where he died aged 47.

A remarkable example of one of the most attractive of all color-plate books, intended by its publisher to be a continuation of the Daniells' Oriental Scenery, being uniform in size, style, and execution.

The plates include fine views of Chowringhee; the fort of Jaunpur; 2 aquatints of Lucknow including the mosque in the Great Imambara; the great Temple at Tanjore; Poona; the Chaitya Cave; 2 fine aquatints of Cairo; Cape Town, etc.

Landscape folio (80 x 57 cm.), pictorial aquatint title, 24 fine hand-colored aquatint plates, engraved by D. Havell after Henry Salt, on Whatman paper ranging from 1794 to 1806.

The coloring in these early copies is distinctly superior, a more muted and subtle palette being employed.


Abbey Travel 515; Tooley 440; Bobins 112.

Publisher: London: William Miller, 1809.





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