A monumental work on Guiana and the North of Brazil, illustrated with 12 large coloured lithographed plates by George Barnard, Coke Smith and P. Gauci after Bentley and a lithographed title by M. Gauci after Bentley -who took them from James Morrison, the expedition draughtsman.

Under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society Schromburgk explored the Eseequibo, Corentyn, Orinoc, and Berbice Rivers in Equatorial America during 1835-1839, becoming the first European to reach the source of the Essequibo. During his explorations he built on the observations of his fellow countrymen, Humbolt, which enabled him to determine astronomically fixed points across the watershed of these great rivers.

In 1840 Shomburgk was awarded the RGS Gold Medal for his scientific work, mainly the sending of the Victoria Regia waterlily -today known as Victoria Amazonica- to England. He also suggested a border between Venezuela and Guiana and laid down a division, later named after him "Schomburgk line"; eventually the British government used his explorations "as arguments in the boundary dispute with Brazil", which he recommended by his encounters with Brazilian enslavement of local Indian tribes

In 1840, on his return to Europe, Schomburgk wrote "A Description of British Guiana, Geographical and Statistical," which was in its original form a report to the Colonial Office and is the first detailed account of the colony, and represented to the British government the necessity of settling the actual boundary of British Guiana.


Abbey, Travel, 720. Borba de Moraes, 782. Sabin, 77796.

Publisher: London : Ackermann and Co.




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Date Added: 2019-01-11

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