Tibet and Nepal, Painted and Described


Date: 1905



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1. Front Cover
10. A Nepalese Shoka
11. A Nepalese Lady
12. A Nepalese Woman
13. A Typical Native of N.W. Nepal
14. The Elfrida Landor Glacier, Nepal
15. Funnels in the Moraine Ice
16. The Armida Landor Glacier, Nepal
17. Author's Camp, Nepal
18. One of the Lumpa Peaks and part of the Charles Landor Glacier
19. Deep Crevasses in the Glacier Ice
2. Title Page
20. Rocks of all Sizes rolled with great Force down the Mountain Side
21. The Birth of an Avalanche
22. A Perilous Crossing
23. A. Henry Savage Landor and the Four Men who accompanied him on his Ascent to 23,490 feet above Sea-Level
24. The Highest Mountain Altitude ever reached by a Human Being
25. Within an Ace of being precipitated some 6500 feet on to the Glacier below
26. The Lumpa Basin and Charles Landor Glacier
27. A Balancing Feat
28. Moraine of Glacier and Mountains, showing how Clouds form on the Snow-Lin
29. Erecting Chokdens (Cairns) on the Savage Pass
3. Yellow Lamas with Prayer-Wheels
30. Night-marching in a Storm
31. A Sea of Mist
32. Elongated Shadows on a Sea of Mist
33. Concentric Circles of Radiant Beauty formed by the Sun shining through Mist
34. Clouds forming on the Snow-Line
35. Author's Tents, A Camp in Nepal
36. The Tinker Pass, Nepal-Tibet
37. Flying Prayers and a Mani Wall
38. A Tibetan Baby Girl
39. A Tibetan Girl
4. The Sacred Swings of Debi Dhura
40. Tibetan Woman of the Commoner Class
41. Tibetan Lady
42. An Old Lady and her Prayer-Wheel
43. Tibetan Dogs
44. A Tibetan Camp of Black Tents
45. Interior of a Tibetan Tent, showing Churn for mixing Tea with Butter
46. A Little Boy learning to Pray
47. Interior of Tibetan Temple
48. Tibetan Women weaving
49. Tibetan Women cleaning Wool
5. An Awkward Moment
50. A Lama Standard-Bearer
51. A Race for the Kata
52. Tibetan Soldier at Target Practice
53. Tibetan Woman using a Sling for throwing Stones
54. Tibetan Games. Stone-Throwing
55. Tobogganing made easy
56. Tibetan Dance with Sword and Kata (Veil of Friend-ship)
57. A Typical Tibetan
58. Woman and Child praying before a Shrine inside a Stone-Throwing Tent
59. Tibetan Boy in his Gold-embroidered Hat
6. A Daramsalla
60. A Brigand
61. A Tibetan Spy in the Disguise of a Beggar approaching the Author's Camp
62. "Chakzal, Chakzal" - the Tibetan Salutation
63. A Picturesque Old Fellow
64. An Ambidexter Lama Sculptor carving an Inscription on the Face of a Rock
65. A Weird Old Man of N.W. Nepal
66. Over a Pass in a Coming Storm
67. Calling Two Followers lost in the Storm
68. Tibetan Goat
69. A Troublesome Descent on Vertical Rocks
7. A Moment of Suspense
70. A Phantom Lion of Gigantic Proportions
71. The Nui Glacier
72. Ascent to the Nui Pass
73. Observations for Altitude taken under Difficulties on the Nui Pass, Darma
74. A Shrine of Curious Buddha Images
75. The Sacrifice of a Yak
76. Goats carrying Loads of Borax
77. Yaks and Ponies conveying Wool across the Frontier
78. Sketch Map of Glaciers and Peaks in Nepal
79. Back Cover
8. Red Lamas
9. Tibetan Man spinning Wool

Publisher: London : A.& C. Black




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Date Added: 2019-06-19

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