A massive set of 43 volumes covering the various cultures around the world. Each set of volumes contains a brief description of the country; and an account of its government, laws, and religion, and of the characters, manners and customs, arts, amusements of its inhabitants.

Schoberl and Ackermann's series of "the peculiar manners, customs, and character of the different nations of the globe" including "such circumstantial details respecting the various branches of the great family of Man, as are not to be found in any of our systems of geography, but are to be gleaned only from careful perusal of the accounts of those by whom they have been visited."

Includes volumes on West Africa, Illyria and Dalmatia; Turkey; Hindoostan; Persia; Russia; Austria; China; Japan; the Netherlands; South Sea Islands; Asiatic Islands; Tibet; Spain and Portugal; England, Scotland and Ireland; Switzerland. This set seems to cover the entire world except for North America, Central America and South America.

Africa. 4 v. [1821]--Asiatic islands, and New Holland. 2 v. [1824]--Austria. 2 v. in 1. [1823]--Hindoostan. 6 v. [1822]--Illyria and Dalmatia. 2 v. [1821]--Japan. 1 v. [1823]--The Netherlands. 1 v. [1823]--Persia. 3 v. [1822]--Russia. 4 v. [1822-23]--South Sea islands. 2 v. [1824]--Spain and Portugal. 2 v. [1825]--Switzerland. 1 v. [1823]--Tibet, and India beyond the Ganges. 1 v. [1824]--Turkey 6 v. [1821] -- China 2 v. [1823]

First edition. Complete sets are rare, with only 2 appearing in auction records going back over 60 years.

43 volumes. 12mo (130 x 80 mm). Approximately 629 hand-colored engraved aquatint plates and maps (numerous folding).

v.1-2 and 3-4 bound together in some instances.


Abbey Travel 6; Colas 2722-2737; Tooley 515.

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Publisher: London : Printed for R. Ackermann, Repository of Arts, Strand; to had of all booksellers




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