[Volume 2] The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, 1595-1606


Date: 1904



The first and third narratives are translations of the "Historia del descubrimiento de las regiones austriales", first published at Madrid in 1876 by Zaragoza, who ascribes the authorship to Luis de Belmonte Bermudez

v.1. Introduction. Comparative list of maps of the New Hebrides, etc. 1570-1904 [by B. H. Soulsby] Bibliography. Narrative of the second voyage of the adelantado Alvaro de Mendana, by the chief pilot. Pedro Fernandez de Quiros. Narrative of the voyage of the adelantado Alvaro de Mendana de Neira for the discovery of the islands of Solomon. Written by ... Pedro Fernandes de Quiros, for Dr. Antonio de Morga. Narrative of the voyage of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros in 1606, for the discovery of the austrial regions.

v. 2. True account of the events of the voyage that the Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros made by order of His Majesty to the southern unknown land, by Caspar Gonzalez de Leza. Torquemada's Voyage of Quiros; translation, with notes, from the "Monarquia indiana." Letter from Luis Vaez de Torres ... to the king of Spain, giving an account of his voyage to Manila after parting company with Quiros. ..

Legends on the four maps signed Diego de Prado y Tobar. Illustrating the discoveries of Quiros and Torres. Appendix 1. Eighth memorial of Quiros, 1606. II-III. Memorials of Quiros 1609. iv. Memorial of Don Fernando de Castro, 1608. v. Letters from Don Diego de Prado y Tobar, 1613. vi. Note on the Memorial of Captain Quiros to the Council of the Indies, 1610. vii. Memorial touching papers printed by Quiros, 1610. viii. Memorial by Juan Luis Arias

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The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros Vol. 2 - Routes of Mendana 1595, Quiros 1606 and Torres 1606 (1904)

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