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1. Front Cover
10. Mount Hortjac from the Gulf of Therma
11. From an Observation Balloon - Struma Valley, looking towards Lake Tahinos
12. Doiran Town and Lake
13. Across the Struma towards Demirhissar, from Gumusdere
14. Basilica of St. Demetrios All that the Fire left
15. Turkish Farm, Gorgop
16. Ruined Turkish Stronghold at Vergetor
17. Gerbasel Church
18. Rupel Pass and Struma Valley Villages, from Gumusdere
19. Hostile Air Raid on the British 12th Corps Headquarters
2. Title Page
20. Vardar-Doiran Front, from an Observation Balloon
21. Junction of Butkovo and Struma Valleys, from an Observation Balloon
22. Beles Range from Sal Grec de Popovo
23. Vardar River, Lake Ardzan, and Dragomir Village
24. British Military Cemetery at the Cross Roads, Dragos
25. House Interior at Gorgop
26. After the Fire
27. Seres Town and Bulgarian Positions along the Struma
28. Mikra Bay
29. British-Serbian Hospital and Serbian Camp, Mikra (Oct. 2, 1916)
3. Last Phase of the Great Fire at Salonika, seen from the Air
30. Rupel Pass
31. Dreveno, The first Greek Field Hospital
32. Piton Rocheux, Beles, and Krusha Balkan
33. The &34;Pip&34; Ridge
34. Lake Doiran, Eastern End
35. Vergetor Church
36. Sunset Effect on a Quarry near Vergetor
37. Scottish Women's Hospital, Mikra (1916)
38. Headquarters (First Site) of 17 Kite Balloon Section, R.A.F., Orljak Ravine
39. British Aerodrome and Aircraft Park, Mikra Bay
4. Salonika from Petit Karabou
40. Brought down in Flames
41. Dragomir Village
42. Kretchovo and Trans-Vardar Mountains
43. Back Cover
5. Burnt-out Shops after the Fire
6. Ruin and Desolation. Salonika after the Fire
7. From a Minaret of St. Sophia Part of the Burnt-out Area
8. On the Verge of the Fire's Devastation
9. Mount Olympos from Mikra

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black




University of Toronto

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Date Added: 2019-07-08

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