The Royal Navy, Painted and Described


Date: 1907



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. The Battle of Sole Bay. May 28th, 1672
11. An Early Type of Frigate, H.M.S. June. 1750
12. The Battle of Quiberon Bay. 1759
13. Lord Howe's Action with the French off Ushant. June 1st, 1794
14. Battle of the Nile. August 1st, 1798
15. Action between H.M.S. Phoenix and the French Frigate Didon. August 10th, 1805
16. Lord Nelson's Flagship leading the Weather line into Action at Trafalgar. October 21st, 1805
17. H.M.S. Battleship Queen. 1839
18. Auxiliary Steam Battleships
19. The First British Seagoing Ironclad, H.M.S. Warrior, 1863
2. Title Page
20. An Early Type of Seagoing Turret Ship, H.M.S Thunderer. 1877
21. H.R.H. Prince of Wales first Command, Torpedo Boat 79. 1889
22. The Launch of a Battleship
23. A Cruiser Action off the Scillies. Manoeuvres. 1901
24. A Training Brig. 1902
25. A Royal Escort. Arrival of the King of Portugal
26. H.M. First Class Cruiser Blenheim
27. A County Cruiser cleared for Action
28. Cruisers Manoeuvring
29. Battleships Steaming at Night with all Navigation. Lights out
3. H.M.S. Dreadnought
30. A Coal Hulk. the Pitt now broken up
31. H.M. Battleships King Edward VII, and Queen
32. Portsmouth Harbour
33. H.M.S. Albemarle alongside the Railway Jetty, Portsmouth
34. H.M.S. Victory. Evening
35. Coaling a Battleship
36. A River Class Destroyer
37. H.M.S. St Vincent
38. Destroyers at Sea
39. The Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
4. Ship of the Time of Alfred the Great
40. Heavy Weather
41. Destroyer Manoeuvring
42. H.M. Cruiser Good Hope leaving Portsmouth Harbour
43. Ships' Boats pulling round the Fleet
44. An 18-inch Whitehead Torpedo
45. Battleships Manoeuvring
46. Gunboats practising at Spithead
47. The Temperley Coal Transporter. Portsmouth Harbour
48. A Submarine running Awash
49. S.S. Lusitania as an Auxiliary Cruiser in Warfare
5. The Henry Grace de Dieu. 1515
50. German Battleships and Destroyers
51. The Action off Port Arthur between the Japanese and Russians. August 10th, 1904
52. French Destroyers
53. Japanese Battleship Asahi
54. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 600 to 1600
55. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1649 to 1689
56. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1702 to 1750
57. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1748 to 1778
58. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1787 to 1812
59. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1805
6. The Spanish Armada in the Bay of Biscay
60. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1828 to 1833
61. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1833 to 1843
62. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1837 to 1897
63. Seaman's Dress, circa A.D. 1850 to 1900
64. Back Cover
7. The Dispersal of the Armada in Calais Roads by Fire
8. Last Fight of the Revenge. 1591
9. Blake's Action at Sta. Cruz. 1657

Publisher: London : A. & C. Black





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-09-06

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