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1. Front Cover
10. Chur (Coire) : The Bishop's Palace
11. Chur (Coire) : The Cathedral Square
12. On the Splugen Pass
13. The Gorge of the Via Mala
14. The Rhine Bridge at Thusis
15. The Hohen-Rhatien
16. Ragatz: The River Tamina
17. Ragatz: The Old Church
18. Konstanz (Constance) from the Lake
19. The Council Hall, Konstanz (Constance)
2. Title Page
20. The Rheinturm, Konstanz (Constance)
21. Bregenz, Boden See (Lake of Konstanz)
22. The Tower of Lindau on the Boden See (Lake of Konstanz)
23. The Falls of the Rhine, Schaffhausen
24. Rheinfelden
25. The River at Zurich: Winter
26. The Rhine at Basel (Bale)
27. Freiburg-in-Breisgau
28. Old Tower, Freiburg-in-Breisgau
29. The Alte Schloss, Baden-Baden
3. Rotterdam (The Quay)
30. Statue of Sir Francis Drake, Offenburg
31. Heidelberg and the Neckar
32. The Cathedral, Worms
33. The Cathedral, Mainz (Mayence)
34. Oppenheim
35. The Romer, Frankfurt
36. Speyer (Spires)
37. Homburg: Elizabethan Spring
38. Homnburg: In the Park
39. Old Bridge at Kreuznach
4. The Port: Mannheim
40. The Moselle at Trier (Treves)
41. Trier: The Porta Nigra
42. The Red House, Trier (Treves)
43. Bingen, from the Germania Denkmal
44. Rheinfels and St. Goar
45. Confluence of Rhine and Moselle
46. Ehrenbreitstein : The Bridge of Boats
47. The Drachenfels and Nonenwerth from Rolandseck
48. Bonn
49. Leaving Koln
5. Utrecht
50. Koln (Cologne)
51. The Quay at Dusseldorf
52. Wesel
53. The Groote Kerk (Arnheim)
54. The Schwanen Turm (Cleve)
55. Nymwegen (from the River)
56. Nymwegen (The Market Place)
57. The Groote Kerk, Dordrecht
58. Dordrecht: The Fishmarket
59. Rotterdam (from the River)
6. The Market Place, Mainz (Mayence)
60. Boats on the Maas
61. The Rhine Basin: Northern Part
62. The Rhine Basin: Southern Part
63. The Rhine and Its Tributaries
64. The Graubunden
65. Former Valleys
66. Present Valleys
67. Back Cover
7. The Lorelei
8. The Schloss, Heidelberg
9. Strassburg

Publisher: New York, Dodd, Mead and Company




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Date Added: 2020-06-22

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