In September of 1909 after nearly two decades of expeditions to the frigid Arctic wastelands, Robert Peary announced to the world he had attained the North Pole on 6 April 1909. However, this claim shocked the international community as only days prior his rival Frederick A. Cook claimed he had reached the North Pole in April as well, but over a year before in 1908.

This resulted in a massive feud between the two explorers with wealthy backers taking sides as well. Peary was supported by famous names such as the President Theodore Roosevelt (the expedition ship was named in his honor) and this caused a massive conflict within the geographical community and still continues to be a controversial period in exploration history to this day. Cook was later discredited in court but suspicion has also been cast on Peary's own claims.

This work, published in 1910 by Peary provides his account of his final expedition into the Arctic. Contains an introduction by Theodore Roosevelt and a forward written by Gilbert H. Grosvenor. At the beginning of the book is an original photograph of Ootah, an Eskimo who accompanied Peary on his 1906 expedition to the pole and had reached the pole with Peary on his final one. Peary had spent 30 hours at the North Pole accompanied by Ootah and a few other Eskimos.

Large octavo, With 8 full-page color illustrations (chromolithographs), 100 black and white illustrations from photographs. 373 pp.

Folding color map (x1); 48 x 48 cm. Routes of explorers traced and depths indicated by soundings.

Large 8vo, publisher's original navy blue pictorial cloth with letters in gilt on the spine and upper cover. Features pictorial vignette in gilt with white, blue, gray and red. Quarto (240 x 160mm) Title in red and black.


Arctic Bib. 13230.

Publisher: New York, Frederick A. Stokes Co.




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Date Added: 2019-03-28

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Map Name
The North Pole - North Pole Regions (1910)

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