The necropolis of Ancon in Peru : a contribution to our knowledge of the culture and industries of the empire of the Incas being the results of excavations made on the spot [Volume 2]


Date: 1880



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. Large Robes of the Talaria Type
11. Ornamented Robes of the Talaria Type, with accompanying trimmings
12. Dress Materials
13. Loin-Girdles and Woollen Cloths
14. Gobelins fabric ornamented in superior style
15. Counterpart of Material on previous Plate
16. Half of a fine Woollen Garment
17. Riclily ornamented Woollen Dress
18. Sumptuous Garment of a Mummy
19. Tapestry with figures of Warriors
2. Title Page
20. Gobelins Materials with Human figures — Portions of Woollen Garments
21. Gobelins Fabrics with Human and Animal figures — Portions of Woollen Garments
22. Three Gobelins Pieces with Human figures — Portions of Woollen Garments
23. Figured Gobelins with Geometrical and Animal designs — Portions of Woollen Garments
24. Dress Materials with Geometrical Patterns
25. Gobelins Stuffs with Geometrical Patterns and Annual figures — Parts of Woollen Garments
26. Dress Materials and Borderings
27. Woollen Gobelins fabrics with Animal figures
28. Boldly ornamented dress Materials
29. Ornamented Cotton Garment with Woollen border
3. Bright Woollen Garments
30. Dress Materials horizontally striped
31. Cotton dress Materials
32. Dress Materials with Passementerie trimmings
33. Passementerie Work
34. Border of a Robe of the Talaria Type
35. Woollen border of a flowing Garment
36. Trimmings of robes of the Talaria Type — Woollen Materials
37. Borders of flowing Garments — Ornamented Woollen Corner
38. Ornamented Corners
39. Cotton Cloth with ornamental Corners and Hem
4. Simple Woollen Garments
40. Ornamental Hems of small Cotton cloths
41. Woollen trimmings of Cotton garments
42. Cotton Materials with Woollen trimmings
43. Broad Gobelins Woollen Borderings
44. Borders and border-like fabrics
45. Borderings and Sleeve trimmings
46. Borderings of Garments
47. Woollen Borders of Cotton garments
48. Woollen Dress Borderings
49. Border-like Woollen fabrics
5. Garments of Wool and of Cotton with Woollen Patterns
50. Woollen Borders and Cotton dress Materials
51. Woollen Borders
52. Pieces of insertion of Woollen Band
53. Sundry pieces of weaving
54. Diverse kinds of simple dress Materials
55. Loosely woven and reticulated Stuffs
56. Loosely woven and reticulated Cotton stuffs
57. Cotton stuffs reticulated and ornamented with Needlework
58. Large and small girdle pouches
59. Woollen hanging backs
6. Simple Cotton Gaiments
60. Woollen, Cotton and Net pouches
61. Pouch Materials
62. Back Cover
7. Painted Cotton Garment
8. Various kinds of Garments
9. Materials for Robes of the Talaria Type

Publisher: Berlin : A. Asher & Co. ; New York : Sole agent for America, Dodd, Mead & Company, 755 Broadway





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-20

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